About Us

General Information

(Policies and terms have been adapted from policies and terms of other newspapers.)

Jamia Journal is an independent, privately owned, student news website at Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide the Jamia community of students, staff, alumni and others with a forum for expression and intellectual exploration of JMI related issues and subjects in a free and civil atmosphere.

We aim to serve as the online source and aggregate of all news and entertainment for the Jamia community in the best way possible. Whether that’s in word, video, or audio, it will be done, and it will be done with style.

Editorial Policy

Please note, columns and editorial cartoons are opinions of the writers or artists and not that of Jamia Journal

Jamia Journal encourages readers to submit letters to the editor. When you do, please include your name, your association with the university and phone number for confirmation on all letters. Letters are subject to editing for length and clarity. Jamia Journal will not intentionally alter a viewpoint presented in a letter. Also note, anonymous letters will not be considered for publication.

By contributing and posting to this site, you grant us permission to edit and reprint your work.

Forums and Commenting Policy

To foster a healthy dialogue, we require users to follow basic posting guidelines.

Any postings that Jamia Journal deems incongruent with its policies – including messages that are defamatory, obscene, abusive or in violation of copyright or trademark laws – are subject to editing or deletion. Although Jamia Journal cannot reasonably expect to review every forum posting and is not responsible for any posted content, it reserves the right to monitor forums and remove posting privileges of users who violate these terms.


All day-to-day operations are handled by the student editors and staff. Unlike many university newspapers, Jamia Journal neither receives any financial support from the university nor does it have any official affiliations with the administration of the university.

Publishing Schedule

Jamia Journal will be publishing new content throughout the academic year, with some exceptions for semester breaks and exam periods. There is no predefined publishing schedule. We will update content as it becomes available.

Code of Ethics

Jamia Journal aims to provide students with vital information each day to allow them to better understand the university. We rely on truthful and comprehensive research to serve our readers with relevant information, entertainment and analysis.


As a freely distributed newspaper, we rely on our reputation to earn and maintain respect from our readership. If we violate that trust, we will lose readers and, in turn, our relevance.

This Code of Ethics is designed to set standards for all staff members of Jamia Journal.

All stories must be backed by research and corroborating evidence. We do not fabricate quotes nor do we interview our friends for stories. We do not post on the comment boards of our own website. We seek perspectives from all corners of campus, accurately representing the diversity on campus. We will always examine and report the full scope of an issue. We will present new information for students that they cannot find in other sources of news. We will engage readers with entertaining and thought-provoking stories that provide a richer understanding of the way things work on and around campus, as well as a sense of where they live.

Conflict of Interest

Reporters should not cover organizations they are members of. Even if actual bias does not exist, it presents the appearance of bias because it is assumed that writers would only give positive coverage to their own groups.

No writer should ever use Jamia Journal space simply to show support of a particular activity or event.

Jamia Journal fiercely guards its independence, and while we encourage and appreciate feedback from all readers, we do not risk that independence. Reporters should never think that they “owe” a person or an organization some sort of favor.

In that respect, no Jamia Journal staff member should accept gifts of value from sources. This does not include tickets to events that are covered in Jamia Journal.


Staff members who have questions about this code should speak with the Editor. These are guidelines, not rules, but they will be enforced, up to dismissal from staff.