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Exhibit of Photos Taken at Nairobi National Park, Kenya

Kenya Photo Exhibit - MFH Gallery - 16 Sept 2014 - Shahbaz Khan

An exhibition of photographs taken by Prof. Ghazanfar Zaidi, Faculty of Fine Arts on his trip to the Nairobi National Park, Kenya were displayed at the M.F. Hussain Art Gallery, JMI from 15 to 20 Sept. 2014. All  photos of the exhibit were clicked by Shahbaz Khan, student of MCRC P.G. Diploma in Still Photography & Visual Communication. Photo Gallery: ...

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PHOTO: Busts of the Founders

About the Photos: These sculpted busts of Gandhi, Shaukat Ali, Mohammed Ali Jauhar, Dr. M.A. Ansari, Hakeem Ajmal Khan, and Abdul Majeed Khwaja are on display near the entrance to the M.F. Husain Art Gallery as part of the ongoing, alleged, exhibit by the teaching faculty for the Faculty of Fine Arts. Slideshow:

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PHOTOS: Exhibit on Afghan Women

The Outreach Programme and Afghanistan Studies Centre at Academy of International Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia in collaboration with the High Commission of Canada, New Delhi organized a series of programmes to celebrate the International Women’s Day on March 8, 2013. A Photo exhibition on Afghan Women by Lana Slezic was also on display for the occasion at the M.F. Hussian ...

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