Movie Review: Ra.One (Rating: 4/5)

Starring: Shahrukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Arjun Rampal, Armaan Verma
Producer: Gauri Khan
Director: Anubhav Sinha
Rating: **** (4/5)
Ra.One Poster

Ra.One is not your typical bollywood film or for that matter a typical SRK film. There’s no gigantic families roaming about with lavish Karan Malhotra dresses. No wedding songs. No SRK’s trademark sobbing-with-arched-eyebrows. And no one-costume-per-location songs. It’s a hell lot different.

Ra.One falls short of a strong storyline. Though it works hard to pursue the traditional father-son bond as the backdrop of the plot yet it loses focus in between. A movie when made to international standards should ideally be restricted to a shorter duration so that it does not lag with stretched, unwanted sequences.

That said, when SRK puts his money, fame, and in a way his career at stake, you got to believe him and his offering. That’s a kind of blind-faith he has created with constant hits all over the years. The money invested in the movie clearly shows the output in the final product. The special effects in the movie are slick, superb and never-before-seen action. As its already known that Ra.One has more VFX shots than Avatar, it clearly makes sense with the efforts that went in bringing this out.

Ra.One has surely the best of VFX India has ever seen. Comparable to the best in Hollywood. You may not like how things are moving but the way in which it translates on screen will surely interest you and keep you glued to the edge of your seat, till the end.

And if the genre of ‘Superhero Movies’ is considered, the thing is more or less same everywhere. We don’t care why Superman’s great planet was destroyed if everyone was Super there? Or why the hell was his fashion-sense so poor that he wore red undies on darkly different blue pants? Why Spiderman’s birth meant an equal number of nemesis? Was the world under evil rule before they all came? We just don’t give a damn. We love the visuals. We love baddies being beaten-up. We love to see our hero becoming a Hero.

Ra.One may be SRK’s dream-project but it’s more an aspiration for Bollywood, an an inspiration for others. It’s a great thing to experiment, and to do so on such a large scale is commendable!

A must-watch for a great, ‘Indian’ visual treat.

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  1. ARK’s review on SRK’s Film.!!
    I would prefer no comment on the rating…. but
    I had Crocin just coming out of the cinema hall.

    • First of all, thanks for writing in. And secondly, your opinion depends completely on what kind of expectations you had from this Sci-Fi movie. If you are familiar with the superhero genre of Hollywood , you will be able to better understand the movie and surrounding concepts. As I have pointed out in my review too, its no other Bollywood movie, no other SRK melodrama. It may lack in story or focus in some parts too, but that’s how superhero genre has ever been. Establishing a new superhero is always a difficult, and often confusing part of the story. But the thing which sets this movie apart is the level of VFX applied in the movie, the finesse of the final product, and the ‘Bollywood’ tag attached to this movie.
      And trust me, the SRK-ARK thing is a mere coincidence.

  2. can you plz tell me the short poems he said in ra one. especially that one


    i dont know the beginning plz

  3. Hey Zuha, here you go with all the short poems I could recollect from the movie. Enjoy:

    “Buraai sang jo mel rachaya, phir kabhi na chhoote uska saaya”

    “Ek kal hamare aage hai, ek kal hamare baad. Aaj aaj ki baat karo, ye aaj hamare saath”

    “Banta nahin superhero muscles ya metal parts se, Banta hai superhero sirf apne HART se”

    “Kaun kehta hai bada size sab par bhaari hai…Kabhi ek machhar ke saath raat guzari hai?”

  4. rockssssssssssssssss better movieee than bodygaurd

  5. Most honest review I have read till now. While appreciating the level of VFX in Ra.One, you also point out about its weak storyline which is true. But it is also true, as u mentioned, that still it is an edge of the seat entertaining visual treat movie. BIG THUMBS UP from me.

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