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As the new academic session at Jamia is about to begin, many are busy preparing for their first day at Jamia. And if you’re like me, you’re anxiously trying to think of what you’ll be wearing on the first day of college.

First day at college, however, is especially nerve-racking for freshers because suddenly liberated from the grasp of boring school uniforms, they try their best to express their individuality by their style of fashion. While most freshers go unnoticed, some happen to set the trend for the year.

If you’re someone who is having a difficult time trying to come up with a new look for yourself for college life, it would help if you had an idea of the fashion scene on Jamia campus.

In this piece, I will try to showcase the varying kind of fashion you are likely to see on-campus, and hopefully it will inspire you to come up with your own individual look.

1. Salwar Kameez:

Colorful kurtas with floral prints, polka dots and various geometric patterns are the most common style of fashion among girls in Jamia.

Fashion at Jamia (7)

Inspired with Pakistani soap operas, JAMians have started pairing kurtas up with loosely fit pants and pyjamas.

Fashion at Jamia (4)

Girls with floral hijabs with vibrant kurtis and flat slippers are also commonly seen and considered to be quite fashionable.

2. Denims and Dresses:

This is one area where a lot of variety is seen among the college youth. Skin hugging T-shirts and baggy tops are the choicest apparels for girls, while guys are mostly seen with low waist jeans or cargos hanging right below their waist with worn out denims complimenting light color shirts and sometimes kurta are the latest pick.

Fashion at Jamia (10)

Girls carry themselves in the best casual outfits, not necessarily the most expensive ones but comfortable enough to suit their personality.

Fashion at Jamia (5)

Colorful tees with quirky message or a cartoon, how many of us love the unbelievably double meaning lines on t-shirts?

Fashion at Jamia (6)

And what can be better than denim jackets complimenting plain tops!

Fashion at Jamia (3)

Knee length kurtas with denim jeans are Jamia’s popular fashion trend seen among the JAMians in campus.

3. Funky Hairstyles and Accessories:

Starting from the top, the first thing that would catch the eyeballs of any fresher are the unique hairstyles. JAMians carry a lot of junkies to give themselves a glam look. From stylish bracelets, beaded jewellery to different shapes of glasses and shades and long jhumkis.

Fashion at Jamia (1)

These beautiful curls and waves make every girl look absolute chic!

Fashion at Jamia (8)

A keffiyah (Palestinian scarf) with a close-cropped beard can add an element of ruggedness, which you will see many guys sporting on campus.

Fashion at Jamia (2)

JAMians swear by whacky hair spikes. When it comes to latest fashion trends on campus, sunglasses of different shapes and shades are ruling the heart of campus girls.

Fashion at Jamia (9)

And eye-catchy and attractive long jhumkis.

The best thing about this outlandishly fashionable versatile lot is that they make their own style statement. Comfort is what they look for in the first place. This is quite evident with the choice of their footwear, for instance girls prefer flats or slip-ons over high heels or wedges.

JAMians’ dressing sense depicts their carefree attitude. Jazzy T-shirts, loose cargos, funky hairstyles, classy accessories and cool backpacks act as an icing on the cake. Fashion is on their tips irrespective of what they wear or how they wear it, they still carry themselves confidently with a stunning smile on their faces.

[All photos are courtesy Jamia students seen in the respective photographs.]

About Sana Khan

Sana Khan (2017), is an undergraduate student in the Department of Economics. JMI.

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