Maggi Station; Sept 2012 (Photo: Aaqib Khan)

Student Hangouts on Campus

Admissions have been done with, classes have gathered steam, but does campus life feel a bit boring? Fret not for below is a list of some of the most exciting and happening places on Jamia campus that you can rush to for a break, to make new friends, or simply to try out some of the delicious food they have to offer.

Castro Cafe; Sept 2012 (Photo: Aaqib Khan)

Castro Café or The Uth café: Located on south campus next to the M.F. Hussain Art Gallery,  Castro Café can be called as the most happening place on campus. The cafe serves a wide range of food items from light-snacks to heavy lunch offerings to satiate the hunger a student can build up throughout the day. The Uth Café is a well-designed and beautiful place where students can go to catch up on the happenings of the day, have their lunch and take part in the casual chit-chat. [Jamia Campus Map]

Hygienic Cafe; Sept 2012 (Photo: Aaqib Khan)

Hygienic Café: Also situated on south campus near the department of geography, this is one of the most popular hangout zones on campus. With a snack shop and a Photostat-cum-phone recharge point, this place is thronged by students looking to have a light snack after a long class. [Jamia Campus Map]

Engineering Canteen; Sept. 2012 (Photo: Yawar Siddiqui)

Engineering Canteen: Located on south campus near the faculty of engineering and technology, this canteen is famous for its Chicken Biryani it offers at Rs. 25 per plate. The place is mostly visited by engineering students but the reasonable prices on mouth-watering dishes is a great pull for all students on campus, irrespective of the faculty or departments they belong to. [Jamia Campus Map]

Maggi Station; Sept 2012 (Photo: Aaqib Khan)

Maggi Station: This small kiosk located on south campus is near the Faculty of Law and Management. Maggi Point, setup by Nescafe, offers Maggi at just Rs. 15, along with other snacks like Pastries, Croissants, Ice-tea, Coffee, Tea etc. [Jamia Campus Map]

M.F. Hussain Art Gallery; Sept 2012 (Photo: Aaqib Khan)

M.F.Hussain Art Gallery: Located on south campus, this art gallery regularly exhibits works of art by students on different issues and subjects, and is an attraction for all the artistically inclined students.  Castro Café is located right next to it. [Jamia Campus Map]

Map of Jamia Campus (Image by Khalid Jaleel)

MCRC Canteen: Located on south campus near the Mass Communication Research Center, it offers a large indoor sitting area with lots of tables and benches. It, however, serves a short list of food items. Although, the canteen is on Jamia campus, it is restricted to MCRC students. Students from  other departments and centers in Jamia are not welcome at this canteen. [Jamia Campus Map]

Central Canteen; Sept. 2012 (Photo: Momin Khan)

Central Canteen: Located in the center of north campus, it functions as the heart of student campus life. The Central Canteen provides students with a vast area to sit and hang out at. It’s the only place on campus with the most number of choices for food; from your traditional Indian dishes like Chicken Biryani, Korma and Rajma Rice, to Chinese dishes like chow mein, fried rice and momos.  Central Canteen attracts the most number of students on campus, and hence is the most exciting and happening spot in Jamia. [Jamia Campus Map]

Students interested in looking for more places to hangout can head over to nearby areas off-campus such as Community Center in New Friends Colony, Zakir Nagar, Batla House and Okhla Head which offer a wide array of places to hang out at.

About Aaqib Khan

Aaqib Khan (2015) is a student of Convergent Journalism in the AJK-Mass Communication Research Centre. He can be reached via email at: aaqibkhan[at]

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  4. Few more places… Fine Arts canteen and Faculty of Education’s canteen are also cool places!

  5. @Aashish: I suppose the Faculty of Education canteen didn’t make the list because it is cut off from the main campus. But I’m surprised to learn Faculty of fine arts has a canteen too. Will have to check it out sometime.

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