Ecofest 2011; Feb. 21-22, 2011 (JJ Photo/Aaqib Mujtaba)

Ecofest 2011: Dept. of Economics Holds its Annual Dept. Festival

The department of Economics held its annual department-wide festival dubbed “Tulyabharatha,” on Feb. 21 and 22, 2011.

Ecofest began with a welcome address by Dr. B. Srinivas, a professor in the department of Economics and student advisor.

Ecofest 2011; Feb. 21-22, 2011 (JJ Photo/Aaqib Mujtaba)

The inaugural speech was presented by Dr. Shahid Ashraf, head of the department and the Pro-Vice-Chancellor S.M. Rashid.

This was followed by a traditional Indian dance performance by students of Economics.

The activities opened with a “Quiz Competition,” which was coordinated by Ms. Jyoti, a student of Economics.

As there was a large turn out for the competition, there was a preliminary round out of which teams were selected for the actual quiz competition.

Along with the quiz, another game that was conducted was “Oil Baron,” a strategic game which is all about resource allocation and maximizing profit.

The last event of the day was “Ad-Mad” which is a testing platform for all innovative minds and creative souls.

Day one came to a close with the prize distribution ceremony by the guest of honour, Mr. Syed Muhammed, chief manager, Indian Bank, JMI branch.

Day two activities opened with a debate competition called “Turncoat.” In this form of debate, the speaker literally debates himself.

The next event was a “Poster Making Competition” where the participants were given topic on the spot such as, the rich and the poor, inflation and more on similar theme.

The final event of the day was “Treasure Hunt” in which participants were given clues, and with their help, they had to find the hidden treasure.

On completion of the events cash prizes were distributed to the winners of
the competition.

Ecofest 2011, showcased the creative and competitive spirit of students in the department of Economics and was a fun-filled two day event.

Scenes From the Event


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