The winning team, Electronics and Communication 4th Year; Goal Scorer Utkarsh (Third from the right, Jersey No. 14); Sunday, Sept. 11, 2011 (Photo: Mohd. Faraz)

Intra-Faculty Football Tournament Conducted by the Faculty of Engg. and Tech.

The Faculty of Engineering and Technology organized a three-day long intra-faculty football tournament which was held in the sports complex from Sept. 9 to 11, 2011. It saw 20 teams from the faculty, from different departments, playing with one another on a knockout basis.

On the First Day

Professor Masood Alam spoke to the players before the commencement of the tournament and talked about various conducts of the game. He appreciated the zest of both the teams and wished them good luck. Others present on the occasion were, member of sports committee of JMI, Mr. Waqar Ahmad Siddiqui, Mr. Sarfaraz Masood, Mr. Haroon Ashfaque and Mr. Noor Mohammad, the director of physical education.

The inaugural match was played between Mechanical 4th year and Electronics and Communications 3rd year. Both the teams were seen in the attack mode with the players exchanging less passes and playing a “shoot-at-goal” game.

The strategy seemed to work more for the Electronics and Communications 3rd year when it clinched an early morale boosting goal, 3-minutes into the game, and two more goals close on the heels of each other, at 12 and 18-minutes into the game respectively.

On the other hand Mechanical 4th year struggled hard and showed some great network of passes, tackles and volleys, but failed to convert them into a goal till the end.

Electronics and Communications 3rd year won the match with a final score of 5-0, acquiring the first triumph of the tournament. The games proceeded smoothly with some breathtaking and amazing moments: heart-in-the-mouth penalty shoot-outs and the red and yellow cards. In the end, four teams which proved to be lethal enough to reach the semi finals were: Mechanical 3rd year, Electrical 3rd year, Electronics and Communications 4th year and Electronics 3rd year.


The first semi-final was played between Electrical 3rd year and Mechanical 3rd year in which Mechanical 3rd year got a beating and lost the match 4-2, while electrical 3rd year reached the final. In the second semi final, Electronics and Communications 4th year out-shined Electronics and Communications 3rd year and won the match 2-0, thus securing its place in the final.

The Final Day

The final and the most special game was played on Sept. 11, between Electronics and Communications 4th year and electrical 3rd year in the sports complex.

The chutzpah, that both the teams possessed before the match, left no chances of predictions. The match started with a squeaky sound of the whistle and soon the ground turned into a battle field. Both teams played very well and possessed the ball equally, restricting the score to nil-nil till the half time.

It was after the half time that Electronics and Communications 4th year upstaged the opponent team with Utkarsh bringing in the first breakthrough in the form of a sublime kick from the penalty area. The pressure now shifted to the players of electrical 3rd year, now enervated. They fought back with new strategies outstripping the defenders of the opponent team and creating few opportunities, but couldn’t prove to be elusive enough. The score remained 1-nil till the referee blew the final whistle, which marked the stunning victory of Electronics and Communications 4th year which emerged as the high octane champion of the tournament.

Electrical 3rd year on the other hand took the defeat positively, regarding it as a “learning experience” and congratulated the winning team.

Later, Utkarsh the goal scorer from the winning team, said that the victory came up following a strong motivation by the captain, Sameer Arora.

“He was very passionate and optimistic about the game and he motivated us to be the same,” said Utkarsh, referring to the captain.

The winning team, Electronics and Communication 4th Year with the goal scorer Utkarsh (third from the right, Jersey No. 14); Sunday, Sept. 11, 2011 (Photo: Mohd. Faraz)


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