(Left to Right) Qamar Agha, Prof. Rafiallah and Prof. Ramakrishnan at Jamia; Thursday, Feb. 2, 2012 (Photo: Crtsy Indian Youth for Palestine)

Palestine Solidarity Week Observed at Jamia

[Editor’s Note: Following is a press release by the Indian Youth for Palestine (IYP).]
The Indian Youth for Palestine (IYP), in collaboration with the  Centre for West Asian Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia, observed Palestine Solidarity Week  on Thursday, Feb. 2, 2012, at the Dayar-e-Mir Taqi Mir Building, JMI.

(Left to Right) Qamar Agha, Prof. Rafiallah and Prof. Ramakrishnan at Jamia; Thursday, Feb. 2, 2012 (Photo: Crtsy Indian Youth for Palestine)


Students from the Centre for West Asian Studies, Center for Conflict Analysis and Peace Building, India-Arab Cultural Centre, Faculty of Education, Law, Journalism and Architecture were present at the event; nearly 80 people participated in the programme.

Eminent speaker Prof. Ramakrishan from the Centre for West Asian Studies, JNU; Qamar Agha, a senior journalist; Prof. Ilyas from the India-Arab cultural Centre, presented their thoughts on the subject of Palestine-Israel conflict. Prof. Rafiullah chaired the session.

Along with a painting and poster exhibition, a documentary titled “The Wall” was screened, which was followed by a discussion.

Prof. Ramakrishnan stated that Palestine is the world’s largest open prison. All Palestinians are prisoners, no matter where they are living. The Palestine issue is our issue because it is a Human Rights issue.

Qamar Agha maintained that Palestine is the only country which is divided by the UN. While talking about the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), he said that the PLO was a great organization and their struggle was acknowledged by everyone, Arabs and Non Arabs.

Prof. Ilyas argued that we need to relocate the issue of culture in the Palestine conflict. Migration of Jews was an attempt to de-arabaize the Arab culture. Now, even herbs and plants are given Hebrew names.

Prof. Rafiullah mentioned that Israel called itself a democratic state but in reality it is the most fascist and undemocratic authority.

The programme ended with a vote of thanks by Badar Khan Suri, a member of the Indian Youth for Palestine. Badar Khan Suri and his colleague Amir Khan Sherwani informed about a cultural week, which they are going to organize in the coming weeks. It will include poetry recitation, movie screenings and free Palestinian dance classes for students. For more information on this, one can email Badar Khan at [email protected] or call on 9891311683.

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