POETRY: The Story of How We Met

Someday I will tell our kids
The story of how we met
How the breeze from the mountains moved into the city
And the sun could never again set

How you took the backseats in class
And how I would jump to the front ones
I would tell how shy you were to ask me out
I would tell our story to our little ones

How we laughed throughout that movie
And how you’d bite a leaf between your teeth
How many bad days I had without your smile
And how we walked that night on the streets

How the streetlights dimmed that night
And how I wished the road would never end
Like everything was new and raw
Everything real and nothing like pretense

How your birthday meant the world to me
And how I’ll never want your smile to wear away
How mischievously magnetic your eyes were
And how warm it was on that December day

Someday I will tell our kids
How you took off without a goodbye
How I ran after you like crazy
And how greys clouded my blue skies

Someday I will tell our kids
That when I stood there all alone
Thinking this was the end of our story
Something inside me said, “It’s just a stepping stone.”

It’s a funny story that people would enjoy
The story of how I fell in love with a mountain boy

I know someday I will tell our kids
That I always dreamed of a house over the hills

The story where I could freely say
That I loved you from the very first day

When we’re eighty years old
And when we’re sitting on the front porch

When our kids are having kids
I don’t know if we’ll remember anything

And when the sun will finally set
I would still remember the story of how we met.

About R. Nithya

R. Nithya (2013) is a special correspondent for Jamia Journal. She can be reached via email at: [email protected]

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  1. Nice composition :)

    “And when the sun will finally set
    I would still remember the story of how we met”

  2. oh its just bful bache, u r my favourite poet jaan n i knw u knw that….
    only u can express ur feelings so beautifully n rhythmically ….. :)n tht to with such perfection….proud of u nitz….

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