Jamia Introduces Interdisciplinary Credit Transfer System

(Following is a Jamia Press release dated Sept 28, 2012) 

Jamia Millia Islamia sets yet another milestone in its academic programme. It introduces Credit Transfer System at the Post Graduate level across faculties/departments/centres.

Credit Transfer System entails that the students can opt for courses at the postgraduate level cutting across disciplines and faculties, which will bring greater diversity and flexibility in academic programmes of the University. Jamia is one of the few institutions in the country to have introduced Credit Transfer System at post graduate level.

For instance, a student doing MA in any department of the Faculty of Humanities & Languages can now choose courses in other departments of the Faculty of Humanities & Languages, Faculty of Social Sciences as well as various Centres such as Centre for Jawaharlal Nehru Studies, Centre for Dalit & Minorities, Centre for Peace & Conflict Resolution, Centre for Culture, Media and Governance, Centre for Study of Comparative Religion and Civilization etc.

The idea is to promote interdisciplinary study by giving students a wider choice of subjects. This will enable them not only to acquire holistic knowledge, a better understanding of the social universe around them but also help them evolve as better citizens.

Under this Credit Transfer System now in force, out of sixteen papers that a students has to do during the entire two year duration of the postgraduate programme, two could be chosen from outside the Department. A student can do only one such course per Semester and two during the entire duration of the MA Programme.

The University proposes to increase the number of such courses from two to four in future. This would mean that a student can do 4 out of 16 courses from outside the Department where he/she is registered.

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