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Book Review: Amul’s India: Based On 50 Years of Amul Advertising

Book: Amul’s India: Based On 50 Years of Amul Advertising
Author: Several Contributors
Publishing Date: 2012
Publisher: Collins Business
Number of Pages: 224
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Amul’s India is a brilliant compilation of  Amul’s  wittiest and most entertaining advertisements containing all those advertisements that people have loved over the ages. Amul products have always invariably created an expectation of quality and brilliance and on this account Amul’s India does not disappoint the reader. The book fulfills the people’s expectations completely by coming across as an authentic and genuine book.

Amul’s most memorable ads form an integral part of the book. They are varied containing humor, social messages and tributes to legends. A distinguishing feature of these advertisements is that they have evolved through time taking into consideration the changes and development that have taken place in our country. This in itself is a major contributory factor in making the book appealing and exceptional. This factor has also been reflected in people’s reaction to Amul advertisements over time. The spontaneity of Amul’s approach to advertisement has broken the monotony that has caused many other once popular ad campaigns to lose their appeal. People today hardly remember the Onida devil, though at one time it was the face of the company. In contrast the fate of the Amul girl has been just the opposite. She was and still remains the trademark feature and the face of  Amul.

Amul’s India shows the reader the reason why Amul and its advertisements never became obsolete; it includes all major events that are and have been a part of our history, whether it is politics, bollywood or sports. Its uniqueness is reflected in the fact that it combines every bit of news that made it to the headlines in the form of a book. It takes into consideration the diversity of the country and the likes of the people by including different events and genres into its ad campaigns.

The book shows a most entertaining way of reading about the various issues that have made their effect felt without losing oneself in the throes of a history book. Amul’s India effectively tells the ageless story of India. The book reveals the ambitions ideas and endeavors that have made the company and its products a success.

Interesting intercepts by various personalities form an integral part of the book. Some of them are those who have actually been featured in the various advertisements! Like Mr Amitabh Bachan. It is very pleasurable for the reader to get an insight into the perception of such personalities about Amul.

Amul has always made sure that its advertisements are complementary to those who are featured in it affording respect to these reputable personalities. Celebrities have actually felt privileged for having being featured in the Amul hoardings.

Amul’s India comes across as an outstanding, refreshing and non linear narrative that promises to appeal to people of different age groups with diverse interests. It contains humor reflected by way of its advertisements but does not undermine the seriousness of various issues. It’s a book that can be enjoyed over time without losing its flavor.

Truly a collectors item and an appropriate book to adorn one’s coffee table!

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