POETRY: Spring of My Life

The breeze unbuttoned the tiredness of the day
As I sat on the park bench, watching our children play
Their eyes glistered just like the rays of the sun on the evening clouds
A certain joy disturbed my heart, something that I had never allowed

The morning begun with my thoughts of you
Brushed aside by the sky so blue
Greys everywhere in the dream I had seen
But woke up to smile at the sight of the grass so green

The flowers in the gallery moved in delight
As this afternoon, our kids had the season’s first water fight
Darling, you missed the first breakfast of the Spring,
And the first tears I cried, looking at my wedding ring

There’s a tulip in our garden that’s new in the family
And there by the window is that familiar and beautiful lily
The sun’s out there in its glorious sky, shining
With the kind of fire that no longer hurts my skin

I left my slippers in our room, and clutched some mirth
With the wind blowing over me, today I walked barefoot on the brown earth
Though the dark December days were hard to survive
Somehow spring never forgets to arrive

The sweet smell of the evening air
Wipe the wrinkles on my face so despair
Everything around seems so new
All the freshness is coming through

I remember our last spring together had all the colours and hues
When I ran across the novel fields, you had called me ‘lioness on the loose’
The following winter the lioness was in pain
‘Coz she had dreamed of growing old with you; she missed her cane

And darling, even the hustle of the winds
Could hear the wish I whisper on my lips
Wish you were here to watch our kids grow
To hold my hand as we would walk across the meadow

Sitting on the park bench, I see a holy sight
Running in circles around me, there is a bright light

I watch the blazed flowers, and I watch our daughter pray in the evening sun
And under the generous golden sky of spring, our son resembling my ‘only one’
Remembering the season when you were my husband and I was your wife
After the bitter days of December, today I’ve finally had the spring of my life.

About R. Nithya

R. Nithya (2013) is a special correspondent for Jamia Journal. She can be reached via email at: [email protected]

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