Film Characters: (L-R) Rancho, Siddharth, Aditi, Michael Mukherjee, Lakshman a.k.a Lucky, and Tina Malhotra (Picture collage: Jamia Journal)

Six Hindi Movie Characters You’ll Find in Jamia

On the surface, life in Jamia is 75 percent compulsory class, lots of extended lectures and countless seminars. But if you looked in the right places, you would find that in Jamia, storylines of Hindi movies run parallel to classroom lectures.

Ever wonder what it would be like if Jamia was a movie set? What would it be like if you could find a certain Ranchhoddas Shamaldas Chhanchad a.k.a ‘Rancho’ walking past you in the hallway or certain best friends, Rahul Khanna and Anjali Sharma, competing with each other on the basketball court? While you might not unbutton your pants and go all “Jahanpana, tussi great ho!” in case you come across a ‘Rancho’ in Jamia, filmy characters are all over campus. Here are a few filmy college characters you can find in Jamia:

Film Characters: (L-R) Rancho, Siddharth, Aditi, Michael Mukherjee, Lakshman a.k.a Lucky, and Tina Malhotra (Picture collage: Jamia Journal)
Film Characters: (L-R) Rancho, Siddharth, Aditi, Michael Mukherjee, Lakshman a.k.a Lucky, and Tina Malhotra (Picture collage: Jamia Journal)

1. Rancho (Aamir Khan) in “3 Idiots”: Rancho is one of those rare people in Jamia who know why they are here. They love the subjects you hate; they get an A+ in papers you fail in; and they can give an impromptu class presentation because somehow, while you had been busy writing Facebook status updates during class hours about how boring the lecture was, their ears had caught every single information that spilled out of the professor’s mouth. Most often than not, Ranchos are single. They are shy around the opposite sex, and if you happen to be the opposite sex, you probably are head over heels with them by now.

2. Siddharth or Sid (Akshay Khanna) in “Dil Chahta Hai”: Sid is that quiet guy in your group. You need help with your notes? He’s there for you. You feel overwhelmed? He’s all ears. He is the guy who literally takes care of you by telling you the last date for filling out the examination forms, asking you whether you’ve had lunch or not, and sharing his wisdom when you are being careless about life. Siddharth has a slow pace, and he is not as cool as his nickname. He doesn’t care about branded clothes, but about other people’s feelings which he doesn’t hurt. Ever seen a person with a golden heart? That’s your Sid.

3. Aditi a.k.a Kaali Billi (Genelia D’souza) in “Jaane tu… Ya Jaane Na”: She is that girl who sneaks into class 20 minutes late, and then distracts you by mouthing curses for her alarm clock that failed to go off, the bus driver who drove off before she could fully step into the bus, and the guy who tried to grope her on the bus. She is a little loud and jumpy. And her moods fluctuate like the stock market. She rarely gets along with other girls. No wonder you find her hanging out only with boys.

4. Michael Mukherjee (Ajay Devgan) in “Yuva”: This is the guy who says the loudest ‘present’ during roll call. He sees what most of us usually see, but unlike us, he chooses to do something about it. He is popular among his kind of people which aren’t many. He also prefers hanging out with his kind of people instead of us plebeians. Believe it or not, he is waiting for the day Jamia will get its students’ union back.

5. Lakshman a.k.a Lucky (Zayed Khan) in “Main Hoon Na”: He is shallow, to say the least. He works out a lot, and is proud of his only assets – biceps and six-packs. If you are an atheist, and you choose to hop onto his bike for a ride, he will ride you in a way that would make you pray to God with tears in your eyes. He is scary, but he is also a poser. He is one of those guys desperate to get the ladies’ attention and lose their virginity to show-off to their friends.

6. Tina Malhotra (Rani Mukherjee) in “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai”: You’ll see her wearing large sun-glasses and carrying a Gucci bag. Her clothes seem to be custom-made, and her dad seems to be some rich knocker. So you assume – like father, like daughter. But that is where she disappoints you. She slurps her cold drink, sits cross-legged on grass, and feeds the dogs on campus. But just when you think you are falling for her, she mentions that her boyfriend will pick her up after classes.

Do you think there are more filmy characters in Jamia? Tell us about them in the comments section below.

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