Faceless: A Novel by Jamia Alumnus Nizam Ahmed

A Jamia alumnus by the name of Nizam Ahmed (B.Tech 2004), has written and released a fictional story book titled “Faceless.”


Book cover.
Book cover.

According to the book description, the book is about a man named Kabir who realizes he has superpowers just when he tries to kill himself.

Encouraged by his new-found abilities, he decides to get even with his boss, win back his love, and in the process be an admired superhero. So starts his crazy journey — a clumsy rescue act for a girl called Riona; a dramatically rigged introduction at the Qutub Minar; mathematical manipulations at flying; use of Facebook as a weapon, and surreal encounters with a wily Russian, and a mysterious monk.

And just when he thinks he has a hang of it, he runs into the Devil — a manic ringleader of kidnappers — who is clearly more than a match for him. As he stares at the barrel of the gun that the Devil has pointed at his head, he realizes how terribly inappropriate being a superhero has been.

Buy the Book

The book is available on Amazon.in here: Faceless and on Flipkart.in here: Faceless.

Promotional Video

There’s also a cool promotional video for the book, which many of you must have already seen it without realizing that it was a promotional video for a book. It’s the one where people see a man flying over the Qutub Minar. Check it out here:

If you have already read the book, do tell us what you think of it in the comments section below.

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  1. Faceless….by Nizam Ahmed
    First of all i would like to thank becomeshakespeare.com for sending me books to read and review them.

    Its really like that I deliberately and seriously want to criticize the book “Faceless” and its author. Whatever I am posting and writing here in this review after reading the book, is completely based on my personal opinion. The writing, the language, the plot, the narration & every single thing of this book is abrogating & nugatory. Leaves a very amatory impression about the author and his thoughts.

    1. Faceless – what kind of a name is this ? Such a depressing and negative title. Coverpage of a book with such dark feeling. I strongly felt it would have been much better if the writer would have given some adventurous name analogous to the plot.

    2. The language is very mediocre.

    3. Though the plot or idea of a superhero is really exciting but the author have killed it himself with his writing skills. He could have managed to bring this plot so beautifully but just bobbled and bumbled the whole creativity.

    4.When we are talking about the superhero thing, it has to be interesting, full of surprizes, action, powerpact with rainbow of super powers creating some chain of events but here in this book no creativity, origionality, inventiveness and imagination is shown in this context. Can anyone ever imagine of a superhero with only one superpower throughout the book while its told that he is a defender with excessively heroic powers.

    5. From the start of the book till it finishes, it seems as if i have been watching some “C” grade movie which is a mix concept of South Indian, Bhojpuri and Bollywood cinema with abstracted ideas from various boring sources like mix of quotidian flicks and low-cost novels & stories where superhero protagonist and the main antagonist both are so predictable. The overall idea is a complete cliche. A depressing love story where the female lead never ever expresses anything properly. Instead she is a kind of conundrum to everyone.

    7. The superhero section is also not very out of the box thinking. I felt its a depreciated mix of stolen ideas from various superhero movies.

    I definately would not recommend this book as a must read. Its very dissapointing and i personally feel is totally a waste of time. I author is very kiddish and need more maturity in his writing. I am sorry to say but i seriously did not liked this book at all. I generally don’t write reviews like that but this book is literally an exception. I rate this book 1/5. Overall one of the most pathetic book i have ever read.

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