POETRY: Rusticate Him

(Author: I dedicate this poem to all those who were unfairly rusticated from Jamia during the tenure of the earlier vice-chancellor, Najeeb Jung.)

He says he wants bread & hostel.
Not only that he wants unbiased administration too.
on top of that he wants genuine respect too.
Rusticate him.

He says ” our education is not for sale “.
Not only prevent privatisation.
He demand ” reduce unprecedented fee hike “.
and then he even wants free education & reservation
for depressed
Rusticate him.

He says he doesn’t want contractualisation &
Nor capitalist intervention,
police violence.
Nor a false democratic throne(subject association)
erected on snatching freedom of expression &
crushing leadership.
Rusticate him.

He says he wants serious discussion, open talk
before change.
Don’t undermine our academic standards.
Free our shoulder from over burden
through semester mode.
He says don’t award degrees only
rather reward employment with dignity.
Rusticate him.

He says he will rise up
break silence now or never!
Shouting ‘ HALLA BOL’ in unity.
Mobilising ” leave class occupy campus ”.
He says he is not prisoners.
He’s not afraid by your 24 hrs watch upon him.

Will change the system founded on dictatorship.
He’s no doubt allied with some
foreign forces.
He will get just desserts for
his treachery without delay.
come suppressor.
Trustworthy pawns of capital.
Rusticate him.

About Saddam Hussain

Saddam Hussain (2015) is a student of Diploma Engineering in the Jamia Polytechnic. He can be reached via email at: saddamhussain301994[@]yahoo.com

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