Teachers Shalini and Rishikesh
Teachers Shalini and Rishikesh (center-front) with their students. (Photo: Courtesy Abreshmina Quadri]

Tribute to My Teachers

Teachers are the hands that guide you to the path of education and pluck every thorn off that uncertain path.
Teachers are the friends who give you wiser advices and understand you the most.
Teachers are the parents who make you walk the second step of life.
Teachers are the books that enlighten you.
Teachers are the lights that shine through you.

Today is the 5th of September which is celebrated as the Teachers Day but this day will always be incomplete for me without the mention of Mrs. Shalini Kothamasi and Mr. Rishikesh Singh, my two school teachers who have moulded, guided, scolded and loved me like no one else. Today, every word I’m writing in this article is for them and a gift by them. These two teachers are the forces behind me. I thank God every day for blessing me with teachers like them but especially today, I would heartily want to tell these two teachers that a part of my existence totally belongs to them and this article is my tribute to them for their love and excellence.

I’m a student of English and if any one person is responsible for getting me to this stage, it’s Mrs. Shalini Kothamasi. Without her guidance, I neither would have loved English this much and nor would I have been writing.

The very first poem I wrote in 8th standard was for an exercise she gave to our class and though I truly think it was a pathetically funny poem, it was only her who encouraged me to keep writing and made me believe that I am capable enough to write better poems and stories. Today, every single work of mine is inspired by her encouragement and she’s the one who made me aware of my growth as a writer. Ms. Kothamasi is not just a teacher to me but she’s my second parent. That’s the height of influence she has on my life and she has carved her place entirely because of the love and warmth she imparts.

In my school, if there is one teacher who is adored by every single student, it’s her. The moments of fun yet learning that I have had with her are so precious that they remain as a part of my personality. Through this article, I want you to know, Shalini ma’am, that you’re as dear to me as my parents and I truly am nothing without your guidance and love.

Mr. Rishikesh Singh is the teacher to me who’s more like a best friend. I have spent some of the most fun and happy times of my school life with him. He’s solely responsible for sailing me through those confusing books of chemistry and making me interested in the subject I used to despise till 8th. He is that best friend I can sit and laugh along with for hours. He’s the side of my life that is full of sunshine and laughter. He is the best class teacher a class can have. He’s that class teacher who’s fun, who saves you from all sorts of trouble and guides you on the right path. The most amazing thing about Rishikesh sir is that he teaches the most difficult of lessons in simplest and funniest of ways. He’s a walking bowl of knowledge and fun. Every bit of time that I have spent with him has always taught me something about how I should carry myself and how should be my attitude towards life. Rishikesh sir has truly taught me to smile and stay lively in every circumstance. Today, I want him to know that he’s the one reason I still visit my school for and I will continue to do so till he’s there and that’s how important he is for me.

Dr. Radhakrishnan used to believe that “teachers should be the best minds in the country” and I can proudly say that I have been and I still am under the influence of two teachers who hold that belief of Dr. Radhakrishnan upright. Mrs. Shalini Kothamasi and Mr. Rishikesh Singh are perfect examples of how teachers should be and how studying in a classroom can be made fun and interesting. On this celebratory day, I would like to thank all my teachers and especially Shalini ma’am and Rishikesh sir for nurturing me and moulding me in such a way that today, I’m capable enough to speak my mind and heart without any glitches or scare.

Thank you for all the love,
Thank you for the support,
Thank you for that guidance,
That keeps me true and tough.

You breathe life into this system,
You make education easy,
You teach lessons so smoothly,
That it spreads great wisdom.

About Abreshmina Sayeed Quadri

Abreshmina Sayeed Quadri (2015) is an undergraduate student in the Department of English. She can be reached via email at: reshuquadri[@]gmail.com

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  1. abby yes …. both of them are indispensable part of our lives..Happy Teacher’s Day Shalini ma’am and Rishikesh sir :)

  2. Very much please to read the article paying the great tribute to her teachers on all this auspicious occasion of teachers day congratulation to dear child abreshmina .may all ALMIGHTY enhance your skill in knowledge and learning.
    From ,safdar hussain (karachi).

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