Earth: Mother of Mothers

According to the finance minister of Norway, mankind is not responsible for what has been happening to the Earth that we often speak of, commonly known as ‘Global Warming’. I believe its not that easy to lift a finger at the entire world. Almost each one of us believes that it is only because of our certain ‘activities’ the Earth is in pandemonium while a few still remain in doubt of this proven theory. They believe the Earth and its various associated natural phenomena are too big to be affected by a mere human.

I live in one of the most polluted cities of the world. It’s been a year since I shifted base to Delhi. The air in this part of the world is so stuffy and dust laden it literally suffocates me. Everyday I see this city make headlines in the newspapers because of its toxic air and increasing pollution. I can only pray to God that I don’t catch a serious respiratory disease by the time I’m finished studying here and out of here for good. I wish I could fly to Greenland or Oslo and spend the rest of my life there with the hope of inhaling fresh air all day long and being surrounded by the comforts of nature and all unadulterated forms of life.

In my country,  people worship the rivers and the trees and yet most of them have completely dried up or are polluted or cut down by the same people who worship them, erasing all signs of the existence of God. In this God-fearing country we dump our waste in the rivers, cut down a hundred trees and plant just one instead and later cut that too,  we slice up the mountains and build roads and houses and we keep doing it until the Earth can’t take no more and retaliates, starting from Nepal, killing hundreds in just seconds.

My mother calls me and tells me that its all because of people like me, who have forgotten God, that such mishaps take place. I try to offer her a scientific explanation, considering her reasoning as rather nonsensical. But now her words make me wonder. Yes, we have forgotten God otherwise we won’t be busy destroying his horcruxes. He resides in the purest rivers,  in the lush green forests, in the sweet-smelling fresh air in the early mornings, in the cool breeze of summers, in the daylight of winters and in us. We are all connected as parts of this invisible strong force that has kept this entire universe going.  If we could at least just think before we do anything that brings any sort of harm to our Earth, we won’t only be saving our planet, our home but also ourselves by preventing any further catastrophes in the near future. It’s not even a give-and-take relationship that we share with the Earth but a care-and-care relationship. You just need to acknowledge the existence of life inside our planet, after all its your one true home. Your home is not that little box you live inside of, that can kill you in your sleep if it falls. No, you are richer than that.

Your home is Earth — the mother of mothers.

About Saman Khan

Saman Khan is an undergraduate student in the Department of Geography, JMI.

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  1. Indeed it’s time to rethink our strategies in preventing further deterioration

  2. We can’t change someone who doesn’t see an issue in their actions.

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