Be Kind to Dogs, and Students

Cruelty to animals is a serious offense. There can be no justification for hurting a defenseless animal just because its presence in your surrounding annoys you. Therefore, we are happy to see this attached notice issued by the Registrar’s office, which was spotted on the notice board of Department of English recently, basically telling students to be kind to dogs on-campus.

It is a fact, some people are and have been cruel to dogs on-campus, which is completely inexcusable. However, it is also a fact, the growing number of dogs on-campus is a serious health problem. These dogs live in and around Jamia canteens and rummage through the food left over in canteen plates. And we all know how well these plates are washed. The dishwashers simply run them through a tub filled with water with hardly any detergent in it. So you can all imagine how clean these plates must be after they are washed.

By letting these dogs stay so close to the food we eat, Jamia is putting the health of everyone who eats at Jamia canteens at risk. Students are bound to get sick. In our view, it is nothing short of criminal negligence.

And it is because of this fact, we find it odd that while the well-being of dogs at Jamia is such a great concern for the administration, nothing has been said or done for the well-being of the students in relation to these very dogs.

We need to find a humane way to deal with this problem, but something desperately needs to be done about the growing number of dogs on-campus.

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  1. If people don’t wash plates then its your problem not any dog’s. If humans don’t behave sensibly,how can you expect animals to do so? Anyways dogs at the campus are pretty docile and are used to the human presence. I haven’t seen a single dog biting anyone on the contrary I’ve seen guys hitting,disturbing and misbehaving with the dogs. Live and let live guys. Kindness is a human trait.

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