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Students Run Week-long Save Sparrows Campaign at Jamia

All that a House Sparrow needs today is a house to live in. The State Bird of Delhi is endangered given to the harmful cellular tower radiations, chemical gardening, unleaded petrol and lack of food (insects) and modernized architecture. To give voice to this dwindling bird population, students of M.A. Development Communication, AJK MCRC, Jamia Millia Islamia initiated a ‘Save ...

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Winners of Jamia’s “Innovate for a Cause’’ Competition Announced

Winners of Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE), Jamia Millia Islamia's “Innovate for a Cause’’ Competition; Wednesday, March 18, 2015 [Photo By Farheen Nilofar/Via Ashar Javed; Jamia Journal]

Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE), Jamia Millia Islamia, conducted the final round of ‘Innovate For a Cause’ competition on 18th March 2015. The competition was aimed at developing ideas which would solve a social problem and were evaluated for the social value, the expected results, feasibility and originality. Out of the 20 odd teams who submitted their proposal, 8 ...

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Students Islamic Organization Protests to Demand Students Union at Jamia

The Students Islamic Organization (SIO) organised a protest in front of the vice-chancellor's office gate at Jamia Millia Islamia Wednesday, March 18, 2015, demanding the restoration of student union elections. (Photo Courtesy SIO)

The Students Islamic Organization (SIO) organised a protest in front of the vice-chancellor’s office gate at Jamia Millia Islamia Wednesday, March 18, 2015, demanding the restoration of students union at Jamia Millia Islamia. In a written statement, SIO National Secretary Thouseef Madikeri said: “SIO demands in the interest of the University in general and student community in particular that the ...

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Jamia Student Activists Behind #PadsAgainstSexism Campaign Go Public

Jamia Millia Islamia student activists behind #PadsAgainstSexism Campaign (L-R) Mohit, Sameera, Kaainat, and Mejaz, on Jamia campus. (Photo: Jamia Journal)

Jamia Millia Islamia student activists behind the #PadsAgainstSexism campaign have finally decided to shed their cloak of anonymity and reveal their identities to the world. Mejaz, Kaainat, Mohit, and Sameera, all four students of social science at Jamia, have released a joint statement to the press Tuesday, March 17, revealing their names along with their reasons for going public after ...

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Message from Elonë Kastratia to Jamia on #PadsAgainstSexism Campaign

Jamia Journal has received a short video message from Elonë Kastratia in Germany — the founder of ‪#‎PadsAgainstSexism‬ Campaign — to the students of Jamia Millia Islamia in solidarity. Transcript of her video message: “Hello Jamia. This is Elona from Germany. I am happy to hear that my message went even to your university in Delhi. I am even more ...

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Jamia Students Stick Sanitary Pads with Feminist Messages on Campus

In an effort to raise awareness about rape and sexism, a group of Jamia students, who wish to remain anonymous, are sticking sanitary pads with feminist messages on them, all across Jamia campus. Some of the messages read: “Period blood is not impure, your thoughts are.” “Menstruation is natural, rape is not.” “Streets of Delhi belong to women too.” “Rapists ...

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Survey Says Educated Indian Youth Don’t Understand Democracy as a Principle

An organization by the name of Children’s Movement for Civic Awareness (CMCA) conducted a national survey of about 10,000 high school and college students in 11 cities last year to get an insight into their civic sense. The survey examined the youth’s values and attitudes towards Rights & Responsibilities, Democratic Governance, Adherence to Civic Rules, Gender Equality, Diversity & Social ...

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Resist the Shrinking of Democratic Spaces on Campus: Students of TISS

Student Democracy

[In solidarity with the concerned Students of Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, Jamia Journal republishes this guest post via Kafila.org] Universities are thought to be just, equal and free spaces. However the history of access to universities for certain sections of the society is not very old. Discrimination has been institutionalized and structurally carried out on the basis of caste, ...

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Labor of Love

Mohd. Haroon with the cat and her kittens in his hostel room; Sunday, Jan. 18, 2015 (Photo Courtesy Mohd Haroon)

Jan. 18, 2015: An Allama Iqbal hostel resident of Jamia, Mohd. Haroon (2016, M.A. Social Work) told Jamia Journal a really interesting story about himself which we would like to share with our readers. Today, Jan. 18, early in the morning, before sunrise around 4 o’clock, Haroon heard a cat meowing really loudly out in the corridor of his hostel. ...

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NASA Scientist Dr. (Rank) Nazeer Ahmed Speaks on Digital Education at Jamia

Dr. Nazeer Ahmed speaking on digital education at the Ansari Auditorium, JMI;; Dec. 19, 2014 (Photo Courtesy Shoaib Alam)

Jamia Senior Secondary School and the Office of Dean Students Welfare, JMI in association with RankStudent Soft Solution, organized a lecture on ‘Digital Education System’ by Dr. Nazeer Ahmed, a.k.a Rank Nazeer, at the Ansari Auditorium, JMI on Dec. 19, 2014. Dr. Ahmed is an Indian-American space scientist from the city of Tumkur, Karnataka, who has worked with NASA on ...

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