Abu Turab Naqvi

Abu Turab Naqvi (2016) is a student of French language in the Centre for Spanish and Latin American Studies, JMI. He can be reached via email at: abuturabamrohvi[@]gmail.com

Dr. Sughra Mehdi (1937 – 2014): Jamia Urdu Professor, Writer Extraordinaire

Prof. Sughra Mehdi (8 Aug. 1937 - 17 March 2014)

A fiction writer, an academician, a women’s rights activist, a noble soul and what not; these are the superfine elements that comprise the eminent personality of Professor Sughra Mehdi,  lovingly known as Shughra Aapa in Jamia community and among her near and dear ones. Those who have a slight acquaintance with the historical and cultural background of Jamia must be ...

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Tragedy that is Suicide

Suicide Prevention

The news of Jamia student, Bharat Nagpal’s suicide a couple of months ago, was so unexpected and so hard to believe that people thought it was false in the beginning; it was only later it turned out to be true. The news had left everyone shocked, for something like this was unheard of in the Jamia community. He was too young ...

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