Bhaskar Sharma

Bhaskar Sharma is a postgraduate student at the Nelson Mandela Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution. He can be reached via email at: bhaskarwork [at]

In Defense of AFSPA, But Against Human Rights Violations

The army is an organisation that is build primarily for defense against external aggression. Hence it is an instrument that is used entirely for a different set of activities. For the army to be involved in internal disturbances requires a great degree of doctrinal, tactical, operational and strategic changes. The Indian army has been swift in evolving and equipping itself ...

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How India Should Deal With Pakistan

The challenge that India faces from Pakistan is real and existential in nature. The history of Indo-Pak relationship has always been that of war, deception and hatred. The discourse on this particular paradigm has always been of great relevance to the strategic and securities studies community in India. The course of events in both geopolitical and geo-economic front calls for ...

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