Khalid Yousafzai

Khalid Yousafzai is a graduate student in the Department of Political Science. He can be reached via email at: khalid.yousafzai5 [at]

The Story of Lists in Afghanistan

In our lifetime we have been either exalted or shattered by our names on a list. Our entry on lists starts from birth. First it’s the male or female list at the hospital. Then on an admission list for school. While in school, we are on the pass or fail list. In our social life our politics is decided through ...

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The Value of an Afghan Life

Measuring human life in monetary terms is highly disrespectful. Human life, according to me, should never be matched with sums of money. But in order to compensate for loss of human life, countries all over the world have to assign a monetary value to human life. However, unfortunately, not all human life is assessed to have the same value. Some ...

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