Maitreyee Shukla

Maitreyee Shukla (2014) is a graduate student in the Department of Sociology. She can be reached via email at: maitreyeeshukla [at]

Where did we go wrong?

[Editor’s Note: This column is in response to the death of Nido Taniam, a student from Arunachal Pradesh, believed to be the victim of a race-related hate crime in Delhi.] I have witnessed many parents lament their child’s misbehavior with the phrase, “Where did we go wrong?”. This is usually when their child talks back to them, or gets into ...

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This Country Scares Me

I was getting ready for college when the news flashed on TV: “A 20-year-old tribal girl gang-raped by 10 members of a Kangaroo court as a punishment for loving a boy from another tribe in West Bengal.” What I felt was neither disgust nor anger. It wasn’t even a chill down my spine. What I felt can be vaguely described ...

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Karvan-e-Fikr 2012: Dept. of Sociology Hosts Academic Fair

The subject association of department of sociology held an inter university students’ seminar and academic fair titled, “Karvan-e-Fikr” on Wednesday and Thursday, March 14–15, 2012, on the theme “The coming of consumer society” at Dyar-e-Mir-Taqi Mir and Ansari auditorium. . The two day event saw participation from various departments of Jamia, as well as four universities, Jamia Millia Islamia, Jawaharlal ...

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OPINION: Daily Drama and the Ensuing Telly Trauma

After being bombarded by praise and tea-time discussions about the daily soap operas on television, I decided to spend few evenings with the Tulsis, Parvatis and Anandis of the great world of Indian daily soaps. The study I did with so much of trouble was after all, successful. (Though I had to support myself with two bottles of cold soft ...

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OPINION: Leave Us Girls Alone, Please!

Whatever maybe the claims of Delhi Police, or of any authority for that matter, sexual harassment, or as it is euphemistically called “Eve Teasing,” and other crimes against the fairer sex, is nowhere near the low mark on any scale. Let us have a look at the data. According to the Delhi Police website, there have been 489 rapes and ...

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