Mohammad Urooj

Mohammad Urooj (2015) is an undergraduate student in the Center for Management Studies. He can be reached via email at: mr.mohammadurooj[@] He is also the co-founder of ' - The Free Spirited Journal'

Scorecard: Politics of Love – 1; Politics of Hate – 0

Communal Tensions  starting from Uttar Pradesh  via Haryana And Maharashtra have reached Delhi, making a brief stay at Trilokpuri then  teetering  to the other areas of capital, like Bawana and now Okhla. During the wee hours of Wednesday morning, when the imam of a mosque in JJ colony, Madanpur Khadar of Okhla region, opened it for morning prayers, a slaughtered ...

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Is AAP Worth My Vote

An enlightened mind once said: “Every nation gets the government it deserves.” In a democracy, electing a government by casting votes is a fundamental right of every citizen of the nation. Today, when the average Indian is young and is greatly inclined to strive for his betterment, the 16th Lok Sabha election becomes more important to the previously held elections. ...

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