Rohit Raj

Rohit Raj (2014) is a postgraduate student of Public Administration in the Department of Political Science. He can be reached via email at: raj.rohit80[at]

POETRY: The ‘Public’ in Public Administration

The ‘public’ element of administration is missing, and the institutions separated and purposely kissing. The blues of the service becomes a fantasy, and the claims of the state becomes an ecstasy. The lives of the people downtrodden and ailing, and canvas of the governance torn while sailing. The onset of empowering questions the power, the civil society seldom enjoys monsoon ...

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POETRY: Endeavour

The unknown Indian follows an uneven course, Always gets into doubt and remorse, For the ethnic wish to come true, It’s me but not you… Life at the valleys or backwaters at discourse, One still and another in a silent pose, Turbulent rays withstand the hope, Say either you or me or say, It is me but not you… The ...

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