Syed Kashif

Syed Kashif is an MPhil student in the Academy of International Studies. He can be reached via email at: kashifrazasabri [at]

Quoting Ashish Nandy Out of Context

Every year most of us come to know about the Jaipur Literature Festival when a controversy arises. For instance, last year the Salman Rushdie issue was all over the news. This time, Ashish Nandy’s controversial comments on OBCs, SCs and STs  informed many of us that again a literature festival is going on in Jaipur. People are out on the ...

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OPINION: Dangerous Tussle Between the Army and the Government

How a relentless Army chief suddenly appeared to relent, is worth noticing. Yesterday, March 30th, General V.K. Singh said, “There are some elements in our society which are playing an active role in trying to project a schism between the Honorable Raksha Mantri and Chief of the Army Staff. This is untrue and needs to be guarded against.” His statement ...

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OPINION: Maulana Azad: An Eminent Educationist

Maulana Mohiuddin Ahmad Abulkalam Azad was born on 11 November 1888, in Mecca. He was a great scholar, a freedom fighter, a revolutionary journalist, a leader and an advocate of secular and undivided India. He had gained popularity by his journalism in his early age; however he remained away from active politics till the beginning of the twentieth century. But ...

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