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VC Jung to Play the Role of Akbar in a Stage Play

February 25, 2011Khalid JaleelOne CommentA&E

According to an official press release by Jamia, Vice Chancellor Najeeb Jung will play the role of Akbar in a stage play titled “Anarkali-Akbar-Salim” scheduled for Sunday, Feb. 27, 2011 at 6:30 p.m. in the Ansari Auditorium.

The play is reported to be 80 minutes long.

About the Play

The press release states: “In a break from the usual story of Anarkali, Anarkali-Akbar-Salim focuses on what happens after Anarkali is killed. The play depicts how Anarkali was killed not for the betterment of the people or to save the prestige of the nation, as Akbar claimed. It was more an “Honour Killing” to preserve the blue-blooded Mughal lineage, salvage Akbar’s family honour and his ego.”

The play is directed by a noted playwright Mr. Aziz Quraishi, who, as mentioned in the release, has written 6 full length plays and directed more than 10 full length plays in Hindi and Urdu.

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  1. Naveen · February 25, 2011 · Permalink Reply

    I will try to definitely attend the show. it will be very plaserable to watch Najeeb sir live in action.

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