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Jamia In the press

Court Instructs Jamia to Consider the Possibility of Students Union Election

According to a report in the Times Of India titled, “Delhi high court asks Jamia to set up poll panel,” dated April 19, 2012 — the Delhi High Court, in a hearing on  April 18,  instructed Jamia to form a committee of academicians to explore the possibility of conducting a students’ union election in Jamia.

A court prescribed five member committee is instructed to turn in a report to the court by July 24.

File Photo: Hamidur Rahman on campus; Monday, Jan. 30, 2012 (Photo: Khalid Jaleel)

In addition, during the same hearing, the counsel for Hamidur Rahman, a Jamia student and the plaintive in the case, raised the issue of harassment of Rahman by Jamia in retaliation to Rahman taking the university to court.

According to a report in the Indian Express titled, “Student went to court, so Jamia certificate says he is litigatious,” dated April 19, 2012 — when Rahman applied for a good character certificate, he was given a letter that described him as: “litigatious,” “argumentative” and “has done nothing in the interest of the university.”

To which Justice Kaul, one of the presiding judge on the case is reported to have said: “This is not appropriate. It appears that such a certificate is issued only because he has filed a PIL in the court. One must not be harassed on this count. We would want the university to look into it and issue him a fresh certificate accordingly.”

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