[AD] ‘100 Things You Need To Know And Debate Before You Vote’ By Hindol Sengupta

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Title: 100 Things You Need To Know And Debate Before You Vote Author: Hindol Sengupta (a Jamia alumnus) Buy: Pre-order your copy on for only Rs. 149 About The Book: The first of its kind in India, this is book about 100 issues that will determine the course of one of the biggest elections ever in the history of ...

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Book Review: “Clarity in Time” by Margaret Hepworth

clarity in time

Title: Clarity in Time: A Philosophical and Psychological journey Author: Margaret Hepworth (Author’s website) Publication: Balboa Press 2012 Genre: General Fiction Pages: 329 Price: Rs. 1108 (Buy from “If your life story was re-told would you be able to piece together the meaning that had always been there? “ The book opens with Nelson Mandela, as a fictional character, ...

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Book Review: “Chanakya’s New Manifesto” by Pavan K. Varma

Book cover.

Title – Chanakya’s New Manifesto to Resolve The Crisis Within India Author – Pavan K. Varma Publisher – Aleph Published – 2013 Genre – Non-Fiction Pages – 248 Price – ₹ 295 (Buy on flipkart for Rs. 204 – aff link) Chanakya is one of the greatest thinker/philosophers to have graced the pious land of India. His famous treatise on administration, ‘Arthashastra’ has been ...

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Book Launch: “Perspectives on Nuclear strategy of India and Pakistan” Edited by Prof. Badrul Alam

Prof. Mohammed Badrul Alam, Head, Department of Political Science; Monday Feb. 18, 2013 (Photo: Khalid Jaleel)

On Monday, Feb. 18, the Department of Political Science organized a lecture and a book launch on the topic “Nuclear Strategy of India and Pakistan.” Brigadier Gurmeet Kanwal, fellow, Wadhwani Chair, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington D.C., USA, was invited to speak on the topic (link) and to also formally launch a book edited by Prof. Mohammed Badrul ...

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Book Review: “The Purple Line” by Priyamvada N. Purushotham


Book Title: “The Purple Line” Author: Priyamvada N. Purushotham Publisher: Harper Collins, India, 2012, Pages: 216 Genre: Fiction Buy from flipkart here. The title of the book, “The Purple Line,” refers to purple lines on a pregnancy testing strip. A single straight purple line indicates a negative result, meaning you’re not pregnant; while two purple lines indicate a positive result, meaning ...

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Book Review: Amul’s India: Based On 50 Years of Amul Advertising

Book Cover

Book: Amul’s India: Based On 50 Years of Amul Advertising Author: Several Contributors Publishing Date: 2012 Publisher: Collins Business Number of Pages: 224 Buy Amul’s India: Based On 50 Years of Amul Advertising from (Affiliate link) Amul’s India is a brilliant compilation of  Amul’s  wittiest and most entertaining advertisements containing all those advertisements that people have loved over the ...

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