Dr. Sughra Mehdi (1937 – 2014): Jamia Urdu Professor, Writer Extraordinaire

Prof. Sughra Mehdi (8 Aug. 1937 - 17 March 2014)

A fiction writer, an academician, a women’s rights activist, a noble soul and what not; these are the superfine elements that comprise the eminent personality of Professor Sughra Mehdi,  lovingly known as Shughra Aapa in Jamia community and among her near and dear ones. Those who have a slight acquaintance with the historical and cultural background of Jamia must be ...

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Do We Need Moral Policing?

Moral Policing

We entered the 21st century some 14 years ago and we proudly say that we are civilized, however, are we really civilized? We admire the magnificent erotic statues of Khajurao, and we religiously follow the advice of Saint Vatsyayana in his famous sex manual “Kama Sutra” however we become infuriated if we see two individuals loving each other in public. ...

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Survey Says Educated Indian Youth Don’t Understand Democracy as a Principle


An organization by the name of Children’s Movement for Civic Awareness (CMCA) conducted a national survey of about 10,000 high school and college students in 11 cities last year to get an insight into their civic sense. The survey examined the youth’s values and attitudes towards Rights & Responsibilities, Democratic Governance, Adherence to Civic Rules, Gender Equality, Diversity & Social ...

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Resist the Shrinking of Democratic Spaces on Campus: Students of TISS

Student Democracy

[In solidarity with the concerned Students of Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, Jamia Journal republishes this guest post via Kafila.org] Universities are thought to be just, equal and free spaces. However the history of access to universities for certain sections of the society is not very old. Discrimination has been institutionalized and structurally carried out on the basis of caste, ...

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Tragedy that is Suicide

Suicide Prevention

The news of Jamia student, Bharat Nagpal’s suicide a couple of months ago, was so unexpected and so hard to believe that people thought it was false in the beginning; it was only later it turned out to be true. The news had left everyone shocked, for something like this was unheard of in the Jamia community. He was too young ...

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Scorecard: Politics of Love – 1; Politics of Hate – 0

[Image via kanves.in]

Communal Tensions  starting from Uttar Pradesh  via Haryana And Maharashtra have reached Delhi, making a brief stay at Trilokpuri then  teetering  to the other areas of capital, like Bawana and now Okhla. During the wee hours of Wednesday morning, when the imam of a mosque in JJ colony, Madanpur Khadar of Okhla region, opened it for morning prayers, a slaughtered ...

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Kiss of Defiance

Kiss of Love

We at Jamia Journal normally don’t talk about student political activism taking place in other universities. We think, we at Jamia already have enough of our own absence of political activism to not talk about; so why burden ourselves with other people’s politics. But we make an exception to the rule when we think an issue transcends a particular college ...

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Is Loyalty a Virtue?

[Image Via: blog.bondbrandloyalty.com]

— By: Farah Khalid Loyalty is defined as having complete and constant support for someone or something. We, as college students come across various situations where we have a categorical participation. Often we have mass bunks, protests and other group activities. Is supporting or being unconditionally loyal to such groups really a virtue? Loyalty towards one’s friends and family can ...

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Does Jamia Millia Islamia Encourage Innovation and Entrepreneurship Among Students?

Does Jamia Millia Islamia Encourage Innovation and Entrepreneurship Among Students?

It was only recently when we received an event invite for a lecture on the topic “Integrating Innovation in Our Lives” from the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, did we learn Jamia has a Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Jamia has had an Entrepreneurship Club for a few years now, but apparently now it also has a center for it. ...

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