Why I Won’t Vote for Modi

[Image via sacw.net]

There was a front page advertisement in the newspaper yesterday. It had ‘Let’s fight corruption’ written in big bold letters alongside a picture of Narendra Modi, prime ministerial candidate of BJP for the General Elections 2014. It also had three other sentences which went like this, Let’s minimise government and maximise governance. Let’s use technology for greater public scrutiny. Let’s ...

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Separated Siblings

[Image Credit: Unknown]

Partition was probably the saddest thing that has ever happened on this pure land. While some claim that the Partition should have never happened, some see it as a successful culmination of a national movement for the achievement of Pakistan. However, it was uniquely tragic, no matter from which side of the border one looked at it. It divided a ...

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The Question of Hindu-Muslim Unity in India

[Image via Amit Arora/Vimeo.com]

For more than 1000 years, Hindus and Muslims have inhabited this ancient land in somewhat perfect harmony. Their dwellings occupied a common landscape in primordial villages. Their children played and learned together. A chunk of stories are told about the comity of these two, tales of their acceptance of each other abound,  of donation of land to wealthy merchants from ...

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Constructed Mirage


“Confession is good for the soul even after the soul has been claimed” (p. 381).” ― Mona Rodriguez “A fair, beautiful, 5’5, educated girl wanted for a groom of a wealthy family”, an advertisement that perfectly defines our so called perfect society. Everyone in our society wishes a pretty bahurani. Weird as it sounds it is actually true.  For marriage, ...

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Where did we go wrong?

[Image via Justice for Nido Tania facebook event page]

[Editor’s Note: This column is in response to the death of Nido Taniam, a student from Arunachal Pradesh, believed to be the victim of a race-related hate crime in Delhi.] I have witnessed many parents lament their child’s misbehavior with the phrase, “Where did we go wrong?”. This is usually when their child talks back to them, or gets into ...

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This Country Scares Me

Rape Protest - India Gate - 19 Dec 2012 059 - feature

I was getting ready for college when the news flashed on TV: “A 20-year-old tribal girl gang-raped by 10 members of a Kangaroo court as a punishment for loving a boy from another tribe in West Bengal.” What I felt was neither disgust nor anger. It wasn’t even a chill down my spine. What I felt can be vaguely described ...

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Feeling Insecure in Delhi

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On the afternoon of January 13 this year, I went to the Nehru Memorial Museum & Library (NMML) at Teen Murti Bhavan in central Delhi, with a friend to find out the procedure of getting a library membership card. I am an Mphil student in the Academy of International Studies at Jamia Millia Islamia, and I thought a library membership ...

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The Story of Lists in Afghanistan

[Image credit: foreignbooksonline.com]

In our lifetime we have been either exalted or shattered by our names on a list. Our entry on lists starts from birth. First it’s the male or female list at the hospital. Then on an admission list for school. While in school, we are on the pass or fail list. In our social life our politics is decided through ...

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A City with a Vibrant Nightlife is a City with a Safer Nightlife

[Image credit: via Shafir.info]

Back in September, Yuva Sena president, Aaditya Thackeray submitted a proposal to Mumbai’s municipal authorities to keep open shops, eateries, chemists and milk services 24×7. [Link] This makes good economic sense since India’s service sector is no longer in-sync with a conventional work day. So it is natural that support services such as eateries would adapt to a new business ...

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