First on the left: Dr. Pasha; one of the two speakers. (JJ Photo/Khalid J)

Center for West Asian Studies Organizes a Lecture on Turkey

The Center for West Asian Studies organized a lecture on Turkey titled, “Insights on Turkey,” on Oct. 27, 2010.

Speakers for the event where Dr. S.A. Muneem Pasha, professor in the department of political science, and Ahmet Aykan, an entrepreneur from Turkey residing in Delhi.

Dr. Pasha spoke on the current political scenario in Turkey, specifically on the issue of Islamic revivalism in Turkey.

Ahmet Aykan focused more on the close India-Turkey relations in the historical context, and called on the need for reviving and strengthening of ties between the two countries.

Scenes from the Event

1. A short video of Ahmet Aykan speaking at the event. [Link to Video on Youtube.]

2. Pictures from the event:

Guest speaker Ahmet Aykan seated in the front row, third from the right, Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2010 (JJ Photo/Khalid Jaleel)
First from the left: Dr. Pasha, Oct. 27, 2010 (JJ Photo/Khalid Jaleel)

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