Left: Prof. AK Ramakrishnan, Right: Ashim Roy. (JJ Photo/ Khalid Jaleel)

Nelson Mandela Center for Peace Publicizes “Asia to Gaza Caravan”

The Subject Association at the Nelson Mandela Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution (NMCPCR) organized a talk on the topic of Palestinian liberation titled “In Solidarity with the Palestinian Cause” on Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2010

Left: Prof. AK Ramakrishnan, Right: Ashim Roy. (JJ Photo/ Khalid Jaleel)

Speakers at the event were Dr. A.K. Ramakrishnan, professor at the Center for West Asian Studies, JNU; and Ashim Roy, the General Secretary of New Trade Union Initiative (NTUI).

Both speakers talked and emphasized on the need for show of support to the Palestinian struggle for freedom by the Indian people.

The event was organized to publicize the upcoming international aid convoy heading towards Gaza, similar to the Turkish “Freedom Flotilla” back in May. The convoy, or “caravan” as it is has been dubbed, will go through many countries along the way, gathering more aid and fellow human-rights activists.

Out of the 50 participants from India, three are Jamia students from  NMCPCR.

For more information on the scheduled “Asia to Gaza Caravan,” visit the following website: www.asiatogaza.net

Scenes from the Event

A short video clip:

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