POETRY: Modesty of a Woman

I adorn a woman’s intrigue being,
I let her see innocence in all she is seeing.
I am the twinkle in her abysmal eyes,
That winks when she blushes, looks down and smiles.

I am the soot of the luscious night,
That lives in her hair in all its might.
I am the sound of the boisterous anklet,
That makes the wind inebriated and wet.

I am the warmth of her enticing arms,
I am the shimmering sweat of her worked up palms.
I live in the colors that frame her presence,
I live in the flowers that bear her fragrance.

I belong to the cascade of truant clanks,
That unfurls from her colored glass bangles.
I play with the wind that resides in her veil,
And the guileless charm of her tress that entangles.

I snuggle up to her caressing ways,
Of remembering anniversaries and birthdays.
I salute her forbearance and stoicism,
That hardens her to criticism.

The age of liberalization you say,
Has empowered women all across.
A close look at the ugliness,
Reveals an unfathomable loss.

Women in quest of knowledge strive to beautify lives,
Becoming perfect daughters, mothers and wives.
Let a world of sanctity be born,
On this planet which is lechery – torn.

Choking me to gradual death,
Makes you smug and satiate.
A day shall come when you’ll be numb,
It sure is not a long wait.

With every step you take, you litter me around,
With every move you make, you twist me round and round.
It is the end of humanity, for my death has begun,
Guard me and respect me, I am the modesty of a woman.

About Shahla Ali

Shahla Ali is a postgraduate student in the Center for Management Studies. She can be reached via email at: shahla.smiles[at]gmail.com

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