Decoding the Solitary Reaper

The Cuckoo bird recited a symphony
Whilst caravans continuously whistling
A new genre called harmonic cacophony
Soon I fathomed ’twas Him calling.

My flesh and bones stood still
Bulks o’er my lashes flexed
Straight from a window sill
I’d landed to an annex.

There, He’s conducting an orchestra
And awaiting an audience
I lay shackled by His aura
As an archangel latched the fence.

A lonely lass lead the choir
Though without her knowledge, hummed
To herself and reached the foyer
Where He swallowed, what she succumbed.

Lord unnoticed her misdeeds
Loosened tangles and softened blades
Bestowed blankets of divine seeds
And bridged her from all masquerades.

All the grime was cleansed
Insecurities put at a distance
Sinful souls were rinsed
With yet another second chance.

Her melancholic melodies were lyrics
That belonged to our Keeper
Carved out from an onyx
Alas! I’d decoded the solitary reaper.

About Vani Devraj

Vani Devraj (2015) is an undergraduate student in the Department of Sociology. She also blogs at:

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