Vani Devraj

Vani Devraj (2015) is an undergraduate student in the Department of Sociology. She also blogs at:

Dusk’s Kiss

Dusk had fallen in each one of our lives as a sign for all of us to leave every ray of hope for the next morning. The azure skies dived into the sun-kissed sea, adding a tinge of greyrose to itself, while mellowing doves glided back to their harbours. In the midst of all the mayhem, that eventually sought cosmos, ...

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Decoding the Solitary Reaper

The Cuckoo bird recited a symphony Whilst caravans continuously whistling A new genre called harmonic cacophony Soon I fathomed ’twas Him calling. My flesh and bones stood still Bulks o’er my lashes flexed Straight from a window sill I’d landed to an annex. There, He’s conducting an orchestra And awaiting an audience I lay shackled by His aura As an ...

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