Dusk’s Kiss

Dusk had fallen in each one of our lives as a sign for all of us to leave every ray of hope for the next morning. The azure skies dived into the sun-kissed sea, adding a tinge of greyrose to itself, while mellowing doves glided back to their harbours. In the midst of all the mayhem, that eventually sought cosmos, we somehow stumbled across each other, and since then our courtship has been of great admiration. His love for me was certainly undeniable and the witness to the same was the way he overlooked my flaws. He would delay his departure for me while the other celestial bodies stuck to their own routine of prancing around the orb of the mightiest star. However, his paused flight lasted for barely a second extra. ‘Just a second more,’ spoke my naïve eyes, in hope of being heard, but he only shrugged at my silent plea. I tried to convince myself to accept it as God’s command and overcome this plight by revering whatever I received.

Albeit he was bound by His mystic spells, he vowed to prove his love for me, when he knew very well it wasn’t required. Like always he got his way, and I, like a lamb, surrendered. So I geared up for the event, wanting to look my best. I liberated all the contents of my drawer, that were alien to me until now. “What a sight it is to see her fidget with her mascara and be so generous with her gloss,” my luminous companions jabbered amongst themselves and gleamed from corner to corner with ecstasy. ‘Anyone would think it was their big day and not mine,’ I cracked a joke to myself, while I spent yet another hour taming and defining my curls. They wished me luck as I turned around to meet my beloved, Dusk. He smiled at my sincere efforts put in, just to appear presentable and again pretended not to notice how I still managed to be clumsy. He brought a gentle breeze with himself, that proved my clips and conditioners as unjust and made my locks go haywire, which he settled like a gentleman. With the expertise of his fingers he pulled my strands behind my ear and sneaked up to nuzzle its lobe. I bit my lip, ending up all crimson, at the touch of his stubble and the way it tickled my skin. His smirk made me understand his little mischief, so I planned to avenge his misdeed in my mind. I signalled his ear, calling him down, acting as if I wanted to whisper a secret and planted a kiss instead. He laughed his very own cowboy laugh at my childish absurdness, and I reduced to the bashful dwarf!

“O dear Crescent, what will I ever do without you?” He asked me in a mellifluous voice that I surely couldn’t resist. Even when I would arrive in my gibbous form, he’d still call me that, much to my liking. He gently brushed my lips with his, filling me with all of his love and fled towards the heavens in the blink of an eye. A bitter-sweet tear drizzled over my craters as the brief contact was made. I was glad that it happened but crestfallen as the moment ceased. Suddenly, dawn breaks and so does my dream.

[Vani Devraj (2015) is an undergraduate student in the Department of Sociology, JMI. She also blogs at plainjane98.blogspot.in]

About Vani Devraj

Vani Devraj (2015) is an undergraduate student in the Department of Sociology. She also blogs at: plainjane98.blogspot.in.

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