OPINION: Reflecting on the Status of Women in Society on Women’s Day

Think of somebody who is caring, lovely, who always gives their 100% to any relationship, who is determined, who helps you find a way out to all your miseries, who holds you up when you are down; who comes to your mind first? For most people, it’s usually a woman.

The fact that women are important to the family, society and to the world can be realized when we see the whole world celebrating International Women’s Day on 8th of March every year. It is a major day of global celebration of women which focuses on general celebration of respect, appreciation and love towards women and celebrating women’s economic, political and social achievements.

On this occasion, I ponder over our position in society. Have we women really achieved what we wanted to? How are we different? How we women think when it comes to individuality? What do we really want from life? And most importantly is it a time to celebrate or do we still have a long way to go?

Several government institutions are coming up with different programs for women in helping them attain their rights. But I wonder if that is enough.

Let’s see what the new generation of women have to say on the issue.

Aisha Shams, a student of English at Jamia says, “I do not want to be judged on my exterior aspects. If a woman wants to work, she should work.” According to her every woman desires to be known and when it comes to today’s generation they are not ready to sacrifice their individuality for any thing.

“I want to be a judge, but I gained the strength from my dad. I can see myself as different because I believe in giving my 100% to whatever I do,” says Nadia, a law student.

So here we see how goal oriented today’s women are. But what about those who aren’t even getting the opportunity. What about those who are still working as laborers somewhere in the pits.

I do now think that we have a good reason to celebrate. We know the government has banned child labor, but it’s still there. Not that we are not aware of the fact, we are only misleading ourselves by saying that we have achieved something, but is that “something” enough.

“We can’t sit and wait hoping that world will change. We have to work hard to achieve that state,” says Fatima, a student of business studies. She also, like any another, is goal oriented and wants to be a CEO of a Multi-National Corporation one day.

Women have been given so many rights over the years but still, they are bound by the society somehow. On one hand we consider men and women as equals, while on the other, they are discriminated against, based on gender.

For instance, when it comes to going abroad or when it comes to taking our degrees from colleges like DU or from JNU, most of our parents will think twice before sending their daughters to such universities. And the reason behind this is not because they are shallow, but it is because of the violence women are subjected to face nowadays. They cannot go alone anywhere due to a lack of safety and an ever-present state of vulnerability

Similarly, there are so many issues to be listed; few of them are child labor, poverty, rape, etc.

Dr. Amina Kazi Ansari, foreign student’s advisor and professor in the department of English expresses her views by saying, “There is a small percentage of women that are educated, there is nothing to be celebrated when more of illiteracy, poverty and infants are being raped every now and then.” She further says that few reservations for women won’t answer for what is happening. Government should not only give women their rights but should also help them to implement it strictly.

We can only be benefited when we, ourselves, would be aware of our rights. We all know that child labor and child marriages are illegal, but they are still taking place. The only solution to get past this problem is our own awareness and we have to raise our voice against it.

No doubt that women’s day is a day to celebrate women’s achievements, and being a part of Jamia, I can see various programs taking place to highlight the importance of women in society.

Ms. Simi Malhotra, Coordinator of International Relations, Media Coordinator and also the Coordinator of Outreach Programme says, “I am organizing two things on this occasion; one is revisiting the making of India called “In Freedom’s Shade” and the other one is an exhibition of photographs by MCRC students at India habitat center.”

International Women’s Day gives us a good reason to feel happy and to make us feel worthy, but there is a lot more left to be achieved and there is a long way to go. We can’t sit on laurels and relax, there is much more to be done.

About Anusha Halim

Anusha Halim (2014) is a postgraduate student in the Department of English. She can be reached via email at: anushahalim [at] jamiajournal.com

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  1. Obviously we have miles to cover to narrow the gap in this regard – which can only be possible if we widen the access of education to women; because education is the only liberating force which can alleviate the masses.
    However, in the name of liberty and freedom we should, at any cost, not breach the social and religious boundaries.

    M.A. in Media Governance
    Jamia Millia Islamia

  2. first of all thanks for your precious comments. i completely agree to your point but what is more important is not our exterior aspects, i m not saying that they dont count at all but ya as far as we wear decency i dont think it should be bothered in any way.however boundaries are important but only to an extent if its not an isolation for any individual…

    thank you

  3. Congrats Anusha :)

  4. thanks alot ma’am. .jst need your love and guidance. .:-)

  5. I have studied that man and woman are wheels for the vechile like society.Without one it can not work smoothly.Is it same in our country like India that men and women are running parallel?Both of them are participating for the development of India?From my perception its not as similar to the above thougt.Well of cource some parts of our country is well developed because of the education and less discrimination among gender and thats because we have crossed some milestones of our development but its not enough for the development of our nation as a whole just because of this minute success.We should have to think about those deprived states like Bihar,Uttar pardesh where the women are just to survive around the four wall.They are just the part of population and not the problem’s solution.So we educated people have to take initiative for the development of those parts also and make them aware about the value of giving education without discrimination.

  6. wel thnks kohinoor for ur comment…but here i would like to bring ot a point, if u go thru my article again, u vl find i havnt toked or givin the solutions but i hav jst highlighted the women’s status and pointed ot that we still have to work hard…nyways wht u are sayin is absolutely corect n of course thats your perception and i agree to it.

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