POETRY: Yours No More

What if things didn’t fall in their right place?
What if every reason for love I have fails
What if future promises nothing?
My hand holds truths and lies
Believing one will deny other
Choosing lie is how I choose you
Picking truth will send you away.

Living the battle of emotions,
Confused, my heart questions
Will you pick me up if I fall?
Will you respond if I call?
You assert for me you cry
But now I know it was a lie
Lost in the midst of desert
I wandered and hunted for life,
Thirsty, I see a spout of water
I raced just to have a drop of it
Reaching there I found no trace of it

Dejected I sat, all numb, nothing inside
Cold heart with an empty soul
No wonder you don’t see
All the pain that’s inside me
Take your false commitments and go
I am yours no more, no more.

About Anusha Halim

Anusha Halim (2014) is a postgraduate student in the Department of English. She can be reached via email at: anushahalim [at] jamiajournal.com

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