OPINION: We, the Future of Our Nation

Aloo-chats, late nights, lots of movies with thodi si studies.

Fun till the rising sun; going to bed at the sound of dad’s cocking gun.

Love-shuv, first crush; proposal, refusal; aggression, depression.

Sounds familiar, right?

This is how we are: a face of a typical youth of today’s generation. Spending the whole day in college, attending a few classes throughout the year, and then at the end, falling short of attendance.

Leaving home early and coming late at night. Aur karein bhi kyun na, life is all about fun, kyuki zindagi na milegi dobara.

But then there comes a time in our life when all we think of is about our future. When we start realizing the fact that life is not just about fun.

The people who understand the true value of their lives will definitely place their future on the top. No matter how careless or irresponsible he or she may be, there is always a morning for them too.

At some point there comes a time when the hunger for success gets fueled by passion, and then we fly to catch those dreams.

But somewhere we forget what’s worth remembering.

No idea what that is? Well then, let me tell you.

When we think of success, we think about different ways to get the world under our feet. And a good example that comes to my mind when I see these type of people is: Viru Sahastrabuddhi.

Remember him? “Virus” from the movie ‘3 Idiots.’

He said, “Life is a race, agar tez nahi bhagoge toh koi aur tumhe kuchal kea age badh jayega.”

And here we are following Virus’ philosophy, thinking that it will help in building a good career.

But are we earning anything other than money? Do we have any peace of mind or any happiness? All we are doing is running endlessly. But one day we will get tired and then we will die. Nobody will remember kitna bhage they, aur kitna kamaya tha?

Let’s pause for a moment and think about our lives.

We had fun, we learned, we taught, we had family and friends, we filled our tummies with delicacies, we watched movies, and one day we will probably be earning good money. And then probably we will try getting settled outside India.

A majority of us only think about ourselves. Nobody thinks about our nation, to which we are liable, a country we are a part of.

It is our nation that provided us with education and all the fun filled moments. Our country looks at us with a hope; a hope to be known as a developed nation rather than a developing one. Every other person is busy in shaping his/her future and not even thinking once, about the country to which he is indebted to.

This is the real face of today’s generation. Most of us desire to score good marks, want to get into a good job outside India, and then finally end up settling there.

What sort of help and benefit are we providing to our nation?

Absolutely nothing.

Our narrow thinking won’t lead us anywhere, nor will it lead our country anywhere. We will ultimately be serving a different nation. It might make us richer but we will be nothing more than a slave.

However, working here in our own country, we will show our dedication, our love, and most importantly our true spirit of patriotism.

Now it is for us to decide, whether we are really the future of India or not?

If yes, then it is our responsibility to lend our shoulders to our country and to prove that we are the future of India: so bright and so vibrant.

About Anusha Halim

Anusha Halim (2014) is a postgraduate student in the Department of English. She can be reached via email at: anushahalim [at] jamiajournal.com

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  1. oh. Goodness. shall i say its a good piece?!

  2. A very impressive and educative article by an aspiring teacher or may be educationist of tomorrow. Needs to be brought into practical life by our youths. Definitely deserves commendations.

  3. well i only write…now its for the people to decide how it is….so all up to you.. :)

  4. @ali… thank you so much… its all about how you see life :)

  5. This indeed a true reflection of today’s generation’s mental set-up/dilemma/state of mind/knowledge of language; leading a life under the shadow of an education system, designed intriguingly by Machiavellians’to push future-India into a civilizational crisis…; but still when youths like Anusha strive and manage to make awakened their consciousness and conscience, is a welcome step and a hope for a better future…… carry on…

  6. Md. Tahseen khan

    yeap! rightly stated… todays generation is falling into the abyss of obliviousness…

    But what has led us into this rat race…? n why is that every nw cmer follow their predecessors..?

    May be there are hidden faults to be figured and amended as well…

    by the way… nice article. :-)

  7. good article…. youths must understand the value of their precious time and life…. thanks 2 remind them !

  8. it’s not all about youths mind, anyone who wants to do for our nation, our politician and govt have restricted to do

  9. it not nt easy to something with 1.2 billion population. Their r so many hurdle economic, social,govtl, religious and rightly said by pramod the political. But their should be hope for the best. It is easy to write other words but difficult to apply.

  10. First of all I thank you all for your precious comments and for praising my article. .:-)
    I totaly agree that its difficult to do anything with a billion population. -but I think what is important is to at least dare to challenge the mindset of people. You cant just keep on continuing the traditions. Change is necessary. I would like to put recent act of anna hazare’s fast against corruption, an old man fighting against corruption but peacefully. It doesn’t matter how strong or weak you are. What matters is the spirit to bring the change. It doesn’t matter how small your steps are, even thinking to get yourself out from the shackles of darkness is important because one can only act when one will think. .aakhir boond boond se hi sagar banta hai. . And what we say a pen is always stronger than a sword. . :-)
    Wid a hope to a brighter future

  11. I am proud of u Anusha.You are a scholar.India needyouths like you to step out and contribute =twrds d growth.

  12. thanks for taking time out and reading my article sana… :)

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