Jauhar June-Aug. 2011 Cover

Jauhar’s June-August Issue Is Now Out

The latest June-August 2011 issue of Jauhar, Jamia Millia Islamia’s official quarterly magazine, is now out on Jamia’s website.

The feature article in this issue is titled “Realms of Research” which highlights the kind of academic research that is taking place in Jamia.

Jauhar June-Aug. 2011 Cover

The tag line on the cover reads: “From US-Pak relations to the state of nutrition among tribal students and the status of policewomen in UP, the research arena of Jamia is vast.”

Though the article is informative, most students will find it uninteresting.

However, one of the most interesting articles to read in this issue is an interview with Virender Sehwag titled “The Mascot.”

As most people already know, Sehwag is a Jamia alumnus.

In his interview we learn the fact that he was already playing for the Indian national cricket team while he was a student in Jamia. So he was representing the Indian cricket team and the Jamia cricket team at the same time.

He is quoted in the article to have said: “Within a year of my joining Jamia, I had made my debut for India against Pakistan in Mohali.”

He also reveals in his interview that it took him four years to complete his BA Pass course, which is a three year program. He enrolled in 1998 and graduated in 2002.

(To read the latest issue, follow the link here: http://jmi.ac.in/jauhar_issue4_2011.pdf)

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