POETRY: God is Busy

I have seen the the cobwebs,
swinging in the sunbeams,
deceiving my eyes,
turning into small fishes,
huddling in water.

Shahzaib Rais

I have seen the sky,
in moonless nights,
divided into patches,
showing the unseen,
a desert neighboring a bog.

I believe my eyes,
recognizing the process,
a never ending one.

God is busy with the brush.

About Shahzaib Rais

Shahzaib Rais is a postgraduate student in the Department of Sociology. He can be reached via email at: [email protected]

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  1. very deeply thought..u gave a good image thriugh words..gud work man..!!
    Check my poem as well here published earlier to urs THE UNSAID..

  2. such a nice poem……having deep thoughts……have made it more sweet……….

  3. thanks all for your encouraging comments..

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