Prof. P.K. Basu Claims to Have “Impeccable” Secular Credentials

Jamia Journal has come in possession of a copy of a faxed letter written by Professor P.K. Basu which is addressed to the Acting Director of Center for Management Studies (CMS), Professor U.M. Amin.

The letter is dated Saturday, Sept. 10, 2011, three days after his students had accused him of using offensive and defamatory remarks in class against Jamia and its students.

In his letter, Prof. Basu is requesting Prof. Amin, the director of the center, to not allow “some fundamentalist elements among 1st year MBA students to derail the secular traditions of the university.”

He goes on further to claim that everyone knows that he has “impeccable academic and secular credentials.”

What is noteworthy in the letter is the fact that he does not clearly refute the  allegations made against him by his students.

He, however, does accuse “some” of his students to be “fundamentalists.”

[For more on this story read: “EDITORIAL: Jamia Prof. Accused of Hate Speech Against Muslims, Chooses Not to Respond to Allegations.” ]

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  1. Your story is excellent.But i knew a grl,from same class,remember a muslim grl,she said to me tht this incident is advertised out of proportion,or blown out of proportion.Now god knows the truth.

  2. Thanks Aditya for a sane and truly secular use of grey matter!

  3. What is the fact, Prof. should speak…. It is not a political issue, that should be politicized. It is the issue of reputation. Had he used the language in the class, he should apologize for the same. If not he should come with defense. It truely matters where he is working, he he feels JMI is such a low standard institute, he should not teach their, but he has no right to pass such low remarks about the status of Jamia Millia Islamia. After all his words, as a professor of the same institute, means a lot and truly diminished the image of the institute. So he must speak out about his intentions…. why he used the words and what he want to convey to the students, irrespect of any politics.

  4. Oh ur welcome Aliya Khan..

  5. Well, I was his student in cms , I shocked that basu sir used such words.

  6. I guess he being expelled for university.. right?? Correct me if I wrong. If he is not he should be expelled soon

  7. Common Manisha u should know the truth before expelling him.

  8. Only God knows the truth about these allegations. But I want to say that there are lot of misconceptions about teachings of Islam among our brothers and instead of accusing them of any such incidences, we have a duty to clarify these misconception. Has anybody bothered to convey the true message of Islam and its teachings to Prof. Basu who has been with us since a long time ?

    For this purpose I request my brothers and sisters to have some first hand knowledge about teachings of Islam. The following websites are an accurate and authentic source of this knowledge :

    [Admin Note: Hyperlinks to other websites deleted. Jamia Journal does not wish its readers to promote other websites within the comments section.]

    Best Regards
    Iqbal Zafar

  9. A heartly salute to Iqbal Zafar,u said the true words.GOOD.

  10. Ok Aditya. now I am getting confused. From what I know the prof made some derogatory comments.Well i I don’t have first hand information regarding this incident and I would definitely like the truth. What actually happened.

  11. irrespective of all the things which came about post-comment of Pro.Basu.if it is truely analysed after reading the editorial published forthwith when he made the unsavoury and derogatory remarks made by Basu becomes mendatory for jamia’s administration to have Basu no more.he deserves to be expelled.And the professor having such kind of ferocious notion about an institute where he teaches and calles it simulteniously the undeserving all togather he should not be appointed any where let alone with regard to the minority and all that…he is perfadious,traitor and ofcourse having no dignity of morale towards the blessing task of teaching.he is rather,if truth be told,savage and vampire like man….I condemn this act of derogatory and by no means ready to such a person as a teacher of any institute….

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