FASHION: Be the Fashionable Kid On Campus

Fashion is a word which makes our brain focus on whatever is considered to be latest. It signifies a trend which is mostly popular among youngsters, college students, celebrities, models, superstar etc. Fashion is a term commonly used to describe a style of clothing worn by most people in a country. Fashion is dynamic, it keeps on changing with time.

A stylish look for college

We can keep ourselves up to date with the latest trends in fashion through various sources of entertainment. For instance by watching fashion shows, runway shows, style check shows on TV; and also by reading fashion magazines, or if you have the means, by attending fashion shows happening in your city.

Rising interest of styles and trends among the youth is encouraging people to wear more stylish clothes, which is why, today, what we wear, is what we are perceived to be. Our sartorial defines us.

Being fashionable does not mean to wear clothes which are generally not allowed in our families or societies; rather it means: whatever we wear, we wear it in a unique and in a stylish way. We should wear what we are comfortable in, and that which suits us.

It’s not that you just need to follow fashion blindly to get the tag of “fashionable,” and in the process make a big fashion faux pas.

Tee and pants with a sling bag

Dress for yourself. Experiment with your looks, change hairstyle, hair color, clothing, style of dressing; do it for your contentment, pamper yourself. If you cannot follow fashion, then create it. You can be the setter of fashion trends yourself.

Create a personal Look-Book or an Inspiration Folder. It’s a great aid for having your own style. Create a personal look-book of your favorite past outfits by documenting your style on a daily basis; whether by starting a style blog or by just saving photos on your computer. Make a collage of your favorite dresses, shoes, bags, watches, glare. By doing so, you start to get a sense of dressing, which outfits you like best, what is made for you and which pieces look best on you.

Another thing to do is to follow different fashion pages on social networking sites like Facebook. It’s a fantastic way to document your look as it evolves. It helps you to understand what you want to wear and what will enhance your look.

Denim with kurta

I’ll give you my own example; I created my own folder by grabbing pictures of best dressed celebrities. I made a fashion box back home during my vacation by collaging photos that I liked. I would cut out pictures from Vogue and Cosmopolitan (fashion magazines) and even took photos of my well dressed friends. Then later I review my Look-Book folder to remind myself of what I like, what I’m looking for, and how I want to dress. I keep all these things in mind before I go shopping.

Mix the old with the new. Take something old that has been handed down to you from your elder siblings, your parents, or even your grandparents, and mix it up with something new that is considered to be “in”; take something stolen from your friends; take something borrowed and mix it up. Finding a balance between these four things: old, new, stolen and borrowed, can make your look, uniquely yours!

I’ll give some examples of what can be considered fashionable.

Dress up with a simple kurta and jeans/trousers/cotton-pants (Indo-Western fashion) and team it up with a jhola (bag) and a Kolahpuri chappal. The look is so high school!

Kurta with leggings

Or a simple white tee with denim jeans (Levis, Spykar, Pepe); a cotton dress or one piece, short pants, denims with your favorite cartoon prints, floral prints , chikan embroidery kurtas with patiyala pyjama is very comfortable to carry in summers.

For boys it is considered to be fashionable if you wear a t-shirt with either jeans or khakis, though not tight. Baggy pants are also “in.” Also, bermudas with random tees, flip-flops and nerdy glasses are very “in” these days.

These, above mentioned, are some of my personal favorites. It’s something which can never go out of fashion. While deciding what to wear, it is necessary to keep your body type in mind, and then conclude what to wear.

The main factor for college students to keep in mind is to stay comfortable while still expressing your own personal style. So, style yourself in a way in which you will feel comfortable, and yet make a style statement.

Delhi is a place where every season is in the extreme. Summers are sweaty, hot and humid – a kind of weather in which it is very difficult to look fresh. So here are some tips to keep yourself looking fresh at all times without much effort.

Follow the eight simple rules listed below, and summer will no longer feel hot and sultry:

One piece

1. Use The Right Fabrics:

The right fabric will make you feel good and cool in the summer season. Synthetics, do not breathe, hence should not be worn, while natural fabrics do. Go for cotton, linen and silk, you’ll feel much cooler.

2. Wear Loose Clothing:

In summer, loose clothing should be “in” and body-hugging tight clothes should be “out.” Looser clothes are a better bet in the hottest months because your skin needs to breathe and if you wear tight fitted clothes, you will feel hot and uncomfortable.

3. Go Sleeveless:

Sleeveless has been a fashion trend for years; it’s a more flattering look than short sleeves or mega sleeves. If you’re uncomfortable going sleeveless, then go with three-quarter length sleeves. They’re classy and still cooler. By the way, don’t forget to apply sunscreen on the unprotected part of your arm while going out in the sun.

4. Cover Your Head:

Use hats or umbrellas or a cotton stole which can be used as a turban because you need to cover your head and face from the harmful UV-Rays. Straw hats or baseball caps work the best. The idea is to keep the sun out of your eyes and off your face.

Long hair tied in a bun

5. Wear your Hair Short:

Cut it shorter and see how much cooler you will feel. If you don’t want to cut it short, then wear it up off your neck and off your face. Go for loose buns if you have long hair, or you can even braid it. Leave you hair loose if it’s short, and pin it up from the front.

6. Do Not Wear Jewelry:

Avoid wearing jewelry in the summer. The less jewelry you wear, the cooler you’ll feel. Accessorize yourself with beautiful and trendy handbags, shoes, glasses, scarves etc.

7. Wear Little Makeup

Let your skin breathe during summer. During summer you sweat a lot and because of that your makeup is bound to get messy. The less makeup you use, the better it is for your skin. Full face makeup is not in style any more. Use a lip-balm to keep your lips protected and moisturized. Avoid using foundation and eye makeup. Use light talcum or compact powders. Use a sun block with SPF (Sun Protection Factor), it is an absolute must-have in summer.

8. Wear Perfume/Cologne:

Cologne is a must in summers. Keep your summer fragrance light and fresh. Wear a perfume which does not give everyone a headache. Best perfume to use in the summer can be Davidoff’s Cool Water or a simple Nivea deodorant.

All the above mentioned tips can be useful for you if you want to be fashionable in a simple and in a unique way. But remember, fashion is all about being yourself. So create your own style and be comfortable in whatever you wear.

Happy fashion and stay stylish!

About Zenia Khurshid

Zenia is a staff writer at Jamia Journal, and a graduate student in the Department of English. She can be reached via email at: zeniakhurshid[at]

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  1. Maneesha Tripathi

    The trips are great and really helpful. But the problem with me I am absolutely lazy. I feel lethargic in even thinking what to wear. I just grab whatever comes into my hand and wear it. Even my shopping is done by father. I hate to go shopping. Are there tips which can help me.

  2. It’s a good piece of writing, and deserves applause. Some of the tips given, really fit to the students, on JMI campus. However, I feel that, we, in Jamia, are not in a dearth of fashion freak. And hence the Authoress should have clicked and added a few pictures of Fashionable Kids on Campus rather putting her own pictures in different style and pose, to beautify this article.

  3. seems u have a thing in fashion which is good..the details and research shows you really worked hard…but i guess it seemed that there was something..that spark or spunk may be..but still shows what you want and you know how to do it with confidence and creativity….

  4. seems u have a thing in fashion which is good..the details and research shows you really worked hard…but i guess it seems that there was something missing..that spark or spunk may be..but still shows what you want and you know how to do it with confidence and creativity….

  5. wow …things have changed and JMI has come a long way….. way back in 1969….a guy in jeans or a girl in wrap around skirt were looked with awe/scorn depending on the sensibilities.maybe they were ahead of times.

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