Editor’s Note: IBSA Academic Forum will be Reported/Blogged

This year, Jamia has bestowed upon me the the honor and privilege to represent India at the India-Brazil-South Africa (IBSA) Academic Forum being held at Durban, South Africa, on October 14-15, 2011.

About IBSA

The India, Brazil, South Africa (IBSA) Trilateral Forum was set up in 2003 through the signing of the Brasilia Declaration by the Foreign Ministers of the three countries, with the aim of examining themes on the international agenda and those of mutual interest to the countries concerned.

An IBSA Education Working Group was also established with the objective of deepening mutual knowledge and exploring common points of interest, and an IBSA Academic Forum was created, aimed at promoting the exchange of ideas and cooperation.

The Academic Forum has met four times: in India in 2008, in Brazil in 2006 and 2010, and in South Africa in 2007. This year, the Academic Forum will meet in South Africa in October on the margins of the 5th IBSA Summit.

The theme of this year’s Forum is: “Competitiveness through synergy – from
knowledge generation to social development.”

For more on IBSA, visit: http://www.ibsa-trilateral.org/

Academic Forum will be Reported/Blogged

Since I’ll be participating at the forum on behalf of Jamia, I have decided to  report on the forum and blog my visit to South Africa on Jamia Journal.

Depending on the time I get to write and on the availability of Internet service I find, I will try to report and blog on the event as much as I can.

The conference will be on Oct. 14 and 15. I’ll try to file a report on the conference both days.

However, besides the report on the forum, I will also blog my trip on Jamia Journal’s facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/JamiaJournal). Updates on the Jamia Journal facebook page will cover my entire trip and will be frequent and short. But then again, the frequency of updates will depend on the availability of Internet service.

I leave tonight, Wednesday, Oct. 12, and will be back on Monday, Oct. 17.

In conclusion, I hope I represent India well at the forum and in the process make Jamia and India proud.

Wish me luck.

About Khalid Jaleel

Khalid Jaleel is a PhD student in the Department of Political Science. He can be reached via email at: khalidj [at] jamiajournal.com

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  1. Congratulations! It comes as no surprise that you have been hand picked for an international forum- a distinction you merit.

    I’m sure you will make us proud, insha’allah.

    Good luck!:)

  2. All the very best! You have the wishes of every person here. We believe the trip will be a constructive success and an oppurtunity to explore.

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