POETRY: It Took You So Long

Why it took you so long,
to say the three words,
my heart kept on longing,
not less than my ears,
to hear those magical words,

I would have ended my breath,
and would have cried
from the heaven above for that
drop of tear in your eye,

Please let me know why,
it took you so long
to say those three words.

You are too late my dearest love,
but that’s past,
I’ve moved on,
leaving all the memories of pain behind.
I moved on leaving the longer days behind.
I moved on leaving the sad stories behind.

Tell me why it took you so long,
to say those relieving words.

It’s all over dear,
It’s all over,
you are too late,
It took you so long.

About Sabina Yeasmin

Sabina is a staff writer at Jamia Journal, and a graduate student in the Department of English. She can be reached via email at: sabinayeasmin[at]jamiajournal.com

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  1. We always have more within us, that MORE is lacking. Could I request to have a second edition as well? ;)

  2. Great Poetry my dear..:)

  3. good work sabina !:)

  4. Not bad!
    but if you are ready to get those magical words be ready to feel the pain as well.
    Love is about to change some times it’s beautiful, some times it’s painful and most of the time it’s both.
    There are some more pain in this world except Love.

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