POETRY: Goodbye

I know no medium,
I have never known any medium in my dealings with you
between absolute devotion and fiery fights,
theres nothing else that I could do
it seems so long back when we started out on a journey together
since then there has been much change in the weather
somehow I believed that our love would be evergreen
as unchanging as the sea and pristine,
but here we are in a situation
where there isn’t left any scope of hesitation
the respect the trust, my life feels like a lie
for these reasons I shall say goodbye.

Sadness enters, it will come and caress me
I won’t fight in vain, I’ll let it possess me
the night sharpens every pain in its seclusion
but I’m turning away from it and welcoming lights intrusion.
I’ll think of how each act of mine would offend you
and how I tried but nothing could mend you
I do still love you; you know I do,
I always shall; you know its true
you know that there won’t be a day when I won’t think of you
and for this unending pain I shall punish you too.

For you I was ready to take the ice
for all I did, you made me pay this price
sit and think of me, my love that was so strong
you did yourself and all your loved ones wrong
think of all the promises, things we have shared and seen
think of the climax, the life that could have been.
Recall old memories look back at those times
think of me before miserable sleep and when the morning bird chimes
think of all the things we couldn’t do
there won’t ever be a day when I won’t think of you.

If you curse me, think of how I’ll spend each day
trying to forget you, finding a new way,
now think of me walking dull, depressed, resigned
imagine me trying too hard to put you out of my mind,
the beautiful intimacy, the bond we shared
remember how we had loved and cared
think of your scent teasing my mind
but theres no going back I shall remind
you of all the things we’ll never do
though there won’t ever be a day when I won’t think of you.

Please think of me fondly when we say goodbye
if you spare a thought for me, think of how hard I did try
think of the times when there was no insulting
you stood by my side loving and indulging.
It is better to end a beautiful relation,
rather than leading a life of bitter resignation
smile thinking of babies with my lips and your eyes
remember me fondly when we say our goodbyes.

I promise you only that which will be true
there will never be a day when I won’t think of you.

About Ambereen Haziq

Ambereen Haziq (2014) is a graduate student in the Department of English. She can be reached via email at: justambereen[@]yahoo.com

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  1. Just Loved It. Its so touching and real.

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