Jamia Denies Citizen’s Right to Information

In a bizarre turn of events in Afroz Alam Sahil’s fight for student democracy at Jamia — Jamia’s Public Information Officer (PIO), Prof. Mini S. Thomas, has denied a formal request for information by Sahil, filed under the Right to Information Act, 2005.

In response to Sahil’s application, Jamia’s PIO, Prof. Thomas wrote in a letter (Link to a copy of the letter) that the applications were an attempt by the applicant to “harass” and “blackmail” university officials into submission by using the information requested against them.

She also states in the letter that the applicant has sought “voluminous” information and it is evident that the aim of the applicant is to “unnecessarily burden and tax” the personnel of the university.

Although the letter does not specify the questions — the answers to which can be used to harass and blackmail university officials — some of the questions listed in the application are the following:

1. Please provide details about the students who could not complete their respective degrees due to termination/discontinuation/Black Listed/Campus ban at Jamia Millia Islmia since 1995 to till date. Please provide their Name, Category, Degree, Year of termination/discontinuation.

2. How many CCTV Cameras are installed in Jamia Millia Islmia Campus. Please provide all expenditure details on this purpose.

3. How many days the Vice-Chancellor of Jamia Millia Islamia Mr. Najeeb Jung attend his office in New Delhi during his tenure? (Please provide date wise details)

Though the list of questions in the application are significantly long, Jamia’s PIO chose to reject the entire application by stating that any “indulgence” granted by her to the applicant, will only give impetus to the misuse of the law.

In an interview with Jamia Journal, Sahil said that in response to his request for information being denied, he will make an appeal to Jamia’s authorities to reconsider their decision, and will also file a complaint against Jamia with the Central Information Commission (CIC), the adjudicating governmental body in matters relating to the RTI Act. And if need be, he will also approach the court to demand his legal right.

About Khalid Jaleel

Khalid Jaleel is a PhD student in the Department of Political Science. He can be reached via email at: khalidj [at] jamiajournal.com

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  1. The development is unfortunate. I want to ask Mr Activist that there are so many central/state and deemed universities in Delhi, like JNU, DU, Jamia Hamdard, IP University and yes JMI, why are you hell bend on exposing the irregularities in JMI only. Why do not you file an RTI application and pose the same questions in the rest of the universities. Is it because Jamia is at your door step? I do appreciate your endeavor of RTI in Batla House Encounter. But as far as Jamia is concerned, you already know that our beloved university has recently been awarded minority status and been through hard phase courting controversy. If you further file RTI or go to Central Information Commission you may get what you want – personally. But your act will surely drag the university to fresh trouble, which will ultimately harm it.

  2. Mr.Activist only agenda is to come to a limelight.He is eyeing an political entry.If we can analyse his activities of self publicity,we will come to the above mentioned conclusion.
    I don’t understand what he will gain by just exposing JMI.He should rather call himself as JMI activist & not RTI activist.

  3. another Jamia student

    I just want to ask Mr. Ghaus and other person that who has brought this minority status. If your memory is still sound, you will tell that it is students union which started the struggle and won. It was never the corrupt and criminal Jamia administration which fought for Jamia’s minorty status. By the way, what is your interest in protecting Jamia administration who has made Jamia students like a beggers. Do you know how much average JNU student spend yearly in BA/MA/M.Phil/PhD? Nothing? Do you how much Jamia students spend? more than 60 thousands and professional courses students spends more than 100000. Where is health centre, transportation, security, fellowships, hostel, library and so many other issues which people like you will never be concerned. Tell me who will fight for all these things? It is only and only students union. Do you know that UGC gives money for research scholars to conduct field trips in the country and abroad every year. Should you not ask where does that money go if it is not spent on students? I know you can not give any answer? It was always Jamia students union which has protected Jamia every where. You must be a rich person but majority of Jamia students are just as Sachhar report says. But people like you will not care. Afroz struggle is for students rights only which Jamia administration is not ready to give. Afroz Alam Zindabad! Jamia students union zindabad! Jamia Millia Zindabad!

  4. It seems that some of the students in Jamia are suffering from student unionmania. All universities have certain parameters and fee structures and hence universities can’t be judged on merely fee structures because doing engineering from IITs and MBA from IIMs will cost you at least 10 times more than Jamia. Now you have the health care facilities –Ansari Health Care, security guards for students leaders like you, fellowships but not for you poor guys, a number of hostels, SRK, Kellat, Pink, Abdullah and other but sorry again not for you guys. And you know Mr activist whom you are defending has been ousted or himself quit the versity for certain reasons. Now he has nothing to do with the versity and hence has not fear hence he perhaps want to expose it. I want to ask him and you too, first file similar RTI application in JNU, DU, IP university and Jamia Hamdard, if you are concerned for the welfare of students. But you can’t dare to do. Because Jamia is the soft target to abuse it. You poor guys have little knowledge of politics who only love to cheer Afroz alam zindabad. Do not waste your time in Jamia and do not also ruin your parents aspirations. Just study and go.

  5. another Jamia student

    10% vs. 90%

    10% students in all hostels 90% are living in unhygienic, costly and insecure and also terriblly disturbing localities of Batla house and Abul Fazal. You may be granted a special room by Mr. Najeeb Jang as a gift to defend him.

    Jamia is for minority students whose majority is not rich like you who have accumulated all money from their looting the government sources.

    Guards !!! Perhaps your memory cells are weak to recount how many students were brutally beaten by Delhi Police in SRK some years ago. And every day intelligence people are roaming in each hostels to haraas.

    Health care! Did you ever visit that centre. You poor chap! you do not have any report about Ansari health care. Go and collect number of students being treated and number of doctors coming and sitting over there. We do not need to file an RTI on health care centre.

    yes we are activists because we are 90% and we are out of hostel, out of health care, without fellowship and because 10% is rewarded because of your sincerest services to Najeeb Jang. GOOD LUCK……very soon you might get a job at VC office.

  6. Sound for justice only

    Uh! I’m pity on u people those who are very poor in social consciousness, those who look only for their sake and wel being. These apolitical youth are dangeres products to the very futur of our country.

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