Dream, it’s an amazing word which takes us back in our fantasies, the things that we have not been able to realize in the physical world. Our thoughts, our emotions, our intuitions everything of high intensity, we realize in our dreams.

Do we know what dreams actually are? I think no one can completely answer this question. But I will try to share some insights I have about it.

Master Samael Aun Woer in his book “Dream Yoga” explains the importance of dreams and their connection to human existence. He says our consciousness is only 3 per cent awaken; the rest 97 per cent is asleep. He stated that a dream is not a dream; it is actually the perception of reality that we had faced during sleep. Dreams belong to the fifth dimension which is called Eternity, where our essence travels in the astral world, which is governed by fewer laws as compared to the physical world. He further says that Dreams can also be used to see one’s previous lives.

In other words, Dreams are the scattered memories that we used to experience in deep sleep. What we see in our dreams is simply the things that have happened to us in another dimension. During sleep, one travels to another dimension of the world which is the fifth dimension called “Eternity” in the astral world. Also, our thoughts and emotions do not belong to this three dimensional world, they belong to this fifth dimension. That is why when we feel love for someone, we sometime say: it was an “out of this world experience.”

As per the Vedas, we live in a seven dimensional world where time is itself a fourth dimension. In the Vedas, this world is termed as the dream of Lord Vishnu and defined as “Maya” which has seven layers. In this context I admire Dr. Michio Kaku, who, by the way, I believe will win the Noble prize for his work on strings theory one day. His strings theory strongly propagates the existence of parallel universes.

In other words, whatever we see in our dreams is 100 per cent real that had happened to us during sleep. In our dreams what happens is that our soul (essence) goes out of the body and travels in the astral world. Our body is always connected with a silver cord, which is an energy cord that connects the soul (essence) with the physical body. The interesting thing is, that it has an infinite length. So that’s why our soul (essence) can go anywhere at will in the “Astral world.” In the Astral world one can fly at will as the law of gravity does not apply in that dimension. The astral world is governed by 24 laws as compared to the 48 laws that govern the physical world. However, after waking up in the morning due to high concentration of ego in human machine, these memories of fifth dimension scatter away within few minutes. For us, it is very important to remember our dreams so that it will strike on our 97 per cent asleep consciousness.

To do so, sleep in the right position. Sleeping on the back is most preferred. One should not wake up suddenly in the morning; he/she should give some more time to his 3 per cent part to collect the memory of dream and will have to write down on a piece of paper. This continued practice of writing down memories of dream will ultimately strengthen our consciousness, and a continued practice of collecting dream memories will gives us the power to travel in the fifth dimension of Eternity at will.

If we follow the practice of writing down our dreams more precisely, then we will get to know the importance of the dreams and their real purpose for human life. So we should always have a pen and a diary beside our pillow to write down the dream. After waking up in the morning it should be done as quickly as possible.

Now the question is: how to remember our dreams? Master Samael in his book “Dream Yoga” has given methods of remembering our dreams more precisely and in a systematic manner.

He says that for remembering the previous lives one should start with the very present day activities. A person should try to remember the present day then the previous day up to one week. Then week to week remembering of his/her life is to be followed, then on whole monthly basis he should remember his life. Then after becoming competent with remembering dreams on a monthly basis, one should go after year by year remembrance of this life. After reaching six years of age he should stop, then after most rigorous practice of remembering to be followed, as remembering the periods 0-6 years of our lives is very, very difficult. So, one should give special emphasis on remembering 0-6 years period of his/her life. Master Samael has suggested some mantras so that one can remember his memory and dreams. The mantras are:

Raaaa… Om…
Gaaaa… Om…

They are very powerful mantras. These powerful mantras have the potential to awaken our consciousness and we should recite them before sleep and slumber. It also sharpens our memory. It can also be used to remember our dreams. When we remember the whole of our current life then one day with continuous practice we will get to see our previous life in front of our eyes in the state between sleep and slumber.

You must be wondering, what is the benefit in remembering the current life from present to the beginning. The answer can be found in the Law of Karma, which says “whatever happens in the past, happens in the future, and whatever you do to others, will be done to you.” So what you give, you will receive back the same. As the old saying goes: “What you sow, so shall you reap.” Also what happens in the previous life, because of the law of Karma, the same happens in the next life. This happens only to make ourselves more perfect and more free from defects; but in order to do so we must remember the past life. So it is very important to know our past lives in order to know the future

But what is really happening is that due to the ego, the present human being does not know anything about the past, he/she keeps on doing, repeating the same mistake and same thing as he/she had done in the past lives. It should be stopped. This can be done by remembering our dreams and awaking our consciousness. Many a times we blame god for our suffering; but we forget the law of karma that says suffering is the reverse of what one had given to the other. So we should never hurt anybody, as it will ultimately end up hurting ourselves.

Vedas give special emphasis on 108 human lives, which is very much true that we humans have 108 lives to live, for after the 108th life, we go back to the mineral world and then suffer 25,000 years in hell, and then come back to live as a human being for another 108 lives. So, it is very important to use our human birth more precisely, because the purpose of life is not to have a great amount of money or to have a good fortune. Human life is all about correcting our defects. In fact, angels are true human beings because they do not have any defects. So it is wrong to call ourselves humans as we are not humans, we are intellectual animals full of defects.

So the aim of our life is to raise ourselves above all defects and be dissolved with God. And it only then, we become true human beings.

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Naveen Kumar Sharma is a postgraduate student in the Department of Commerce and Business Studies. He can be reached via email at: [email protected]

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