Naveen K. Sharma

Naveen Kumar Sharma is a postgraduate student in the Department of Commerce and Business Studies. He can be reached via email at: [email protected]

Justice and Judgement

In the Mahabharat, Vidur, at the time of declaring the Yuvraj, asked both Yudhisthir and Duryodhan to prove themselves worthy of being the next king by meting out justice on a case of murder that had four men accused of committing the crime. Duryodhan’s position was for the death sentence to be given to all the accused, without consideration of ...

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My Trip to Aligarh

Last November in 2011, my classmate Irshad, who is an alumnus of Aligarh University,  told me of his plan to go for the annual day celebrations, also called Sir Syed Day, at Aligarh University. He asked if I wanted to come along, to which  I readily agreed. We decided to go to Aligarh in the morning of November 8th. I ...

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Dream, it’s an amazing word which takes us back in our fantasies, the things that we have not been able to realize in the physical world. Our thoughts, our emotions, our intuitions everything of high intensity, we realize in our dreams. Do we know what dreams actually are? I think no one can completely answer this question. But I will ...

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OPINION: Employ Students for On-Campus Jobs

In today’s time, money is of prime importance for anybody; especially for students. For a student like me who travels 30 odd kilometers every day to reach Jamia, it’s a prime concern. But in Jamia, I find that students don’t have any opportunity to become self-reliant; there is a lot of red-tape here. Because of this, students here don’t get ...

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